So, what do you do?


I wait for elektron to release new boxes, mostly :smile:


I work at Gora. We make fire juggling props for professionals. This is a dream job for me.


For four days a week I am a geologist, purchasing industrial minerals mainly in Asia and training the people working in the mines. Besides, I am in a playing the guitar in a ska, reggea, rock band in a semi-professional fashion. Have a sweet daughter as well. Its a hassle sometimes to keep it all up, especially with all the work trips, but never a dull moment in my life.


The last 24h i have been a mediocre software developper since Superbooth and all those rumours about a new Elektron device. Damn forum.


I knew that was a thing. Decent pay, too.


I’m a freelance digital designer (not a contractor!) and am working to grow from ‘freelance gigs’ to ‘client services’ in the next year; I want to be a design business-of-one! It’s been a long road to get here and I still have a very, very long way to go before I’m fully stable and soluble, however I couldn’t (now) be doing anything else.

I took my first formal digital (see: web design) job at age 30 after working in print for 5 years and now, at 36, I’m starting a fresh chapter again. Having done side hustles since 2011 now was most definitely the time to make the leap and guide my own hand.


I am an organic synthesist / chemist. Both in the lab and in the studio :sunglasses:
I mainly focus on the exploration and creation of new potential drugs


I’m an audio DSP developer in Copenhagen, working with smart hearing protection right now… could fancy moving into something more music related. But, as a wise university lecturer once told me, it’s all just dicking around with sine waves anyway.


Would have made a killer Digitone Keys marketing slogan.


Ha, yes! Even better if they do something new with resynthesis… Come on @Elektron :wink:

Full credit goes to Dr Ian Drumm at Salford University.


Linux Application Administrator/DevOps for the past three years for Germany biggest private parcel Service in Hamburg. Call me the Lord of the Cloud. 1800+ Server…:loopy:


My partner told me a while ago that I actually make most of my income from sleeping in hotels and traveling for work. Makes sense since I mostly slept at school.


Hi All, new member here, fascinating thread.
IT Sysadmin here, ironically I fell into IT after googling how to install a sound card and catching the technology bug.
I make music In the box using ableton and VST’s but as I spend most of my day staring at a computer screen I wanted to buy a couple of synths so I can generate ideas without staring at the bloody screen - bought a Model Samples, a Digitone and a Arturia keystep and I’m loving my new musical world.


I was in tech for many years working with telecom infrastructure, cybersecurity and marketing. Years of working with complex projects and having to figure out how to make financials work for us to be successful is what lead me to leave tech behind. I now work as a wealth manager where I help individuals and families to be more successful and to protect what they’ve worked for. It is much better than doing similar work for a faceless multinational. :smiley:


Tattooist and hundredaire philanthropist


I am in a company specializing in industrial screen printing. I maintain, prepare and insole the screens before printing :grin:


Recently retired from playing pro soccer.


Former Bike Messenger. Current Unified Communications and Telecom guy in Winnipeg, Canada


I print t-shirts by hand in a cellar, but I really need a more lucrative job and some fresh air


Music writer and editor for myself and others (sometimes even paid); freelance editor, copy editor and proofreader for NGOs, academic journals, museums and other mostly non-corporate clients.