So, what do you do?


some of you might find my career interesting… my family owns two dog grooming salons and I work doggie daycare at one of them. We have anywhere from 40-60 dogs a day. I’ve worked for our company for about six years, before daycare I groomed dogs for a couple years.


cheers thanks, will post others maybe


I publish or reject comments on news websites. I’m a shit filter, basically, stopping anything defamatory or (too) offensive from being posted and protecting the papers from legal liability.
On rare occasions it feels like useful work.


Studied Fine Art Painting in college, got into Web Design and from there into Web Development. I now manage a team of Web Developers in an e-commerce company. Also dad to thee girls, husband to one wife and food/home provider to one cat.



Recent escapee of the music industry, now working in fungi conservation and studying horticulture. Very happy for the change as I can now enjoy music as a hobby again!


What’s the brand?


Ditto, I’d like to know that as well. I respect it if @AdamJay prefers to not say. A PM is good too.


Technical program manager at Google. My career has been software-focused; I’ve worked as a developer, manager, software architect, and program manager at various companies, and combined that with writing technical books.


For sure… I have friends in the industry doing very much the same thing. They love it.


My uncle got me a job working in a restaurant when I was 15… I turned around and I’m 39, my son is a junior in high school and I’m finally getting out of working as a cook in restaurants. I just started working for a company that produces cannabis infused gummies and chocolates. It’s pretty different, but draws on skills I learned as a cook, for sure.
But outside of work, which is the most important stuff to me, as far as what I “do”, I take naps in hammocks in the sun, tiki enthusiast, ex skateboarder, drummer, psychonaut, recent gardener… reader, sleeper.


Anyone golf? I play three times a week…


I’m a substitute para-educator at a school district in western Washington State.


I no longer work there.
But it was Smoking Goose.

Working as a research assistant for a workplace / design research firm now.


entrepreneur here. I run a small-sized innovation agency in Berlin. As a company, we’ve got a few side hustles out there also, one of them being a production company/music label.


Mastering engineer (Grammy Nominated!) for the past 20+ years.


Im a pizza cook, and i hope to be a sound designer for a video game company here in seattle soon.
I’ve been having a difficult time figuring out how to organize my music into a portfolio format.
any tips?


senior Linux system administrator.
managing about 200 machines and 2 juniors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guess! :wink:


Blockquote that personal trainer you’ve been looking for might be here

Yes he is :wink: