So, what do you do?


Thank you… i have legal cc (17,50€ a year for educational use).


thats good, because you can spend a fortune on this virtual stuff.


I use Illustrator quite a bit for making technical drawings for presentations, reports, research papers, and even patent applications! The graphic artist I used to work with in my former employer’s legal department loved the fact that I could just give her Illustrator files of my stuff so she could make it standard for a patent. It is the only Adobe Creative Cloud product that I license personally (though I also have a license through work). It costs me about $22/month - sort of like upgrading Komplete or Cubase once per year. I agree that it is a standard in the industry. Some printer/cutter manufacturers, e.g. Summa, include a plugin for Illustrator that you pretty much need to run jobs on their systems. Their systems function like a dongle for the plugin.


I teach 13 and 14 year olds American history in Louisville, KY :slight_smile:


Nice! Your music is probably just as awesome as mine!!


Amazing! I want to be able to say that one day.


I’m a digital media producer. Video, audio, illustration animation and design for metro detroit tech companies. I used to make a lot of songs for helloworld for their HBO and Warner Brothers accounts until they lost them. I mainly make music for fun now and have been in a few known detroit bands.


non-linear video art animation

i have a great love for programming and yet feel the need to maintain the purity of the programming passion and not try do it too much.


Full time mastering engineer since 2011 (part time since 2009). Still learning every day!


for the last 4.5 years I had been managing a small regional organic cultured vegetables (traditional fermented sauerkraut, kim-chi, etc.) company.

But last week I started a new career working with a nationally distributed cured & smoked meat company (salumi/charcuterie). It’s all gestation/antibiotic/growth promotant free, responsibly raised. Real meat products, old world craft stuff.
10 minute commute.
I love it.


I am a professor at the University of Rostock. As a scientist, I have had the opportunity to never stop growing up (incidentally being 2,11m / 6ft11 tall), and I never stop learning.

In my research, I use mathematics to study complex, living systems. I search for pattern in nature, and in music. In nature and in music, we find ‘irregular regularity’ as a common theme; things repeating but never in quite the same way. Think of waves reaching the beach, one after the other but never exactly the same. Irregular regularities keep things alive and interesting. Waves repeating in exactly the same way would not be perceived as pleasant, music that repeats pattern without variations is boring. We like regularities in our life, and yet we require exceptions to the rule to feel alive, to make things interesting. This has been a running theme in my curiosity-driven life and is the reason why research, teaching, surfing and music fit so well together, for me.

The key to understanding complex systems, is abstraction. What amazes me is that just a few symbols, for instance E=m*c^2, can describe something as complex as a universe. The same applies to music, only a few dots and lines are enough to describe something that can influence your mood, making you very happy, or make you cry. I enjoy abstractions as they help me seeking simplicity in complexity. Through modelling, understanding arises by transforming one reality into another: Art is a lie that makes us realise truth, and modelling is an art that makes us realise reality. Modelling is the art of making appropriate (complexity reducing) assumptions. It is for this reason that I like short stories, short poetry, aphorisms and minimalistic music (from modern classical music to techno), if they manage to communicate a lot more than there is in its formal representation.

In my research, I use systems theory to study whole-part relationships in complex systems. I am trying to understand how the interactions of parts create a whole and how, for self-organising systems, this whole in turn can determine its parts. The parts of a system can be molecules, cells, tissue, organs, and people. What I learned from this is, that for healthy, well functioning systems, the whole and the parts reciprocally produce each other; determine the functioning of each other: In living systems, every part owes its presence to the agency of all the other remaining parts, and also exist for the sake of the others. If the parts of the system are humans, I refer to this as the ME-WE Principle.

So, although I like to be on my own, reading, kite surfing and making music, I am scared of being alone. For this reason, I love interacting with people, which is why I enjoy teaching and why I am grateful to have opportunities for DJing. Live is all about the ME-WE principle, how parts relate to the whole and vice versa; how I relate to others and how those people around me influence me. A forum, like this one linking up Elektronauts, is occassionally a good example for this :slight_smile:


Motion graphic designer currently working for a news broadcast company.


Visual artist, with a Masters in Moving Image - currently working as a postman! FML!


Project Manger, in aerospace industry.


Such a fascinating mix of great and diverse people here! Just spent 1 hour to read the whole thread…no replies here for 2 years now, so a shy try to revitalize the topic :slight_smile:

Orthopaedic surgeon here! Doin hip and knee replacement all day every day. Father of the best two kids EVER, so not that much time for music making at the end of the day…but it helps me staying focused and relaxed, so I can provide optimum quality to my patients that trust me…


Senior engineer at Sweden’s biggest company.




Computer engineering here and I’ve always wanted to work as a postal worker for some reason I’ve never been able to determine lol. I think I’m drawn to the autonomy and don’t enjoy working around people.


I’m a composer and sound designer - it’s a blessing and a curse mixing passion with profession but I can’t imagine it any other way.


Excellent work. I’d like to see more sometime.