Skateboarding thread

I know I’ve seen some decks pop up in the latest purchases thread before so I thought I’d start a skate thread where we can post pics and video of ourselves and friends. I am open to nostalgic photos of your glory days, but I would like to keep it to yourself and friends as there are plenty of places on the internet I can go to watch pros skate and videos of that bulldog that skates etc.

In the interest of starting things off I offer you this pic from about 6 years ago, way cooler photo than trick, but I love how this picture came out with the stripe of paint.


Cool! Fun fact, my wife and I used to hang out with an individual in high school that made it pro and as a character in Tony Hawk. I’m 45 and still skate from time to time, just street though. :wink: I’ll upload a pic of my board tomorrow. I’ve worn Vans for like 35 years. LOL

I wish I had videos of me when I could ollie onto picknick tables. I may be able to ollie onto the bench, but definitely not the table at my age.


Skateboarding was my escape as a teenager, had a lot of chaos then and my board much like my guitar now was a great release. I ponder getting a long board now and again but thinking I’m just too old. Cool pic though and love the good vibes this thread brings out!


Bro, get a board ASAP. It does a soul good, especially for former skaters.

I used to skate like 16 hours a day during the summer in highschool so I get the whole escape thing.


I know, and your right. Gonna have to start looking around.


Where was that photo taken?

Skateboarding was my first identity as a teen. I picked up a longboard when I was in my 20s so I could enjoy it again. Just a few weeks ago, a friend picked up a cruiser board and I hopped on it for the first time in almost 20 years. Like riding a bike. I think I’m going to pick one up again for the summer next year so much fun.

I know @cuckoomusic has been working on his kickflips! I think we’re the same age so I know there’s inspiration and motivation to get a plank under my feet :slight_smile:


@konputa that photo was taken in Boise, shot by my partner when they were living out there for a bit.

@Kegeratorz Get a board! One of the dudes I skate with a lot is pushing 50, definitely never too late, although it may be difficult to get conditioned to falling again after a long break past a certain age. There are a lot of people making really good cruiser wheels these days, you could always set up a more traditional board as a cruiser so you could still ollie up curbs and whatnot.


When I was a kid I in the 80’s had a longboard used to downhill, crazy speeds, it is a wonder I wasn’t badly hurt, no pads or helmet back then, used to jump onto grass by the side of the hill to stop :laughing:

I decided to start up longboard again for a while a few years back, just a bit of carving really, loved it but too old now, my reflexes and knees aren’t up to the job anymore, my wife did it too for a while but had a nasty fall and broke her arm, kind of put us off, but the memories of it (pre accident) are fondly remembered, it is incredible once you get in the flow.


I used to try to skate on a regular board when I was a teen, but maybe the coolest trick I ever did was an ollie that I never figured out landing. :man_shrugging:

About ten years ago I got a longboard that I still rock. The paint has been refinished, stripped, and stained a few times but the wood is still original. Put some double trucks on it a couple years ago before I messed up my foot. Had to take a break this year, but I love it.
Big and stable. I can cruise for kilos or carve down hills like a leaf on the wind.


Got back into skating age 30, a year later I’m making really nice progress! My body is more fragile but I have way more patience and determination than when I was a kid. Finding it super rewarding. There seems to be a resurgence of people my age picking it up again, which is fun at parks. The sport is more inclusive than ever.

Anyway, here’s me mid varial flip


I got back into skating this year (age 26). My decades old board was obviously no good, I customized a Darkroom board.

Ever since highschool I’ve been into weightlifting/powerlifting. Though my my density has decreased rapidly due to the pandemic (just started lifting again), doing an ollie feels like pushing a bag of bricks, I managed to ollie on my second day back, even if under a foot off the ground.

I’ve been working on a moving shuvit lately.


Wtf is a “skateboard”?!


I still skate everyday :slight_smile:


Love this

I too spent 16hrs a day skating…from the age of 14 to about 23…i used to be able to Ollie a shopping trolley…now at 46 i cant Ollie up a curb🤣 thats the difference between weighting 65kg and 90kg i guess… dont think i will be posting anything recent but see what i can find from back in the day…

Will be following this closely


I skated my whole youth as well. Quitted in my college years but came back to it 5 years ago (36 years old now) and love it. Still not very good though, but I love just skating flat and banks.
I have problems with my knee currently so this year I wasn’t able to skate. Really miss it already.
The End by Birdhouse was life changing when I was a teenager :slightly_smiling_face:


this thread made me think.
i’m suspicious about skateboarders, because they constantly occupy bike lanes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
but in general, this is the great kind of bikeless physical activities, much better than jogging which is boring.
maybe i should learn how to skateboard.


It sounds overly dramatic but I like to think skateboarding saved and changed my life. I can’t really put into words how important it was to me.

I grew up in North belfast in the middle of the troubles in an area with very little opportunities at the time surrounded by shootings and bombings. A country divided by religion and politics. Giant peace walls and army patrols keeping each side apart with armed paramilitaries and gangs running the streets.

Id never really ventured beyond my area until I started skating. I found an escape and a love for the music I heard in skate videos and the clothes id never seen before. Locals would make fun and throw stones as you skated past but it only made me want to skate more. In the early 90s it was all I lived for and through my teens I discovered a new life and friends that didn’t care about religion, just music and skating. I moved out at 18 and got a cheap flat overlooking the main skate area in our town and never looked back.

Depression, alcoholism, gangs and suicide rates were high where I grew up and many of my childhood friends died after I moved away and I do think my life would have been different if I hadn’t found skating and discovered myself in the process. Will always look back on those days as life changing

Sorry for long post :slight_smile:


Great thread OP

My Shed/studio wall is decorated with my old decks and some ones I’ve collected . I’m a 80’s Animal Chin era skater . Sure I saw him once at Hollywell Bay skate bowl lol


I think skating struck a chord with lots of us that felt outside of the herd . May your trucks be forever tight