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This a Digitakt+A4+H9 jam. This is by far my favorite gear trio so far anyway. Video game music is what i like. This is what i did with the California drums sample pack.

I need to learn how to be more dynamic though and make use of the song mode and pattern chaining. I really havent even touched that stuff


just upped this thing thing here


Some love for Vermona Perfourmer. This thing can really sound sooo mellow!


This is a beat I made for a beat tape im releasing soon, put it in my sp404 and made a short video of a live performance on it.


My current project, Digitone + Octatrack are the heart of setup, w/help from Korg Minilogue, MS20m, Moog Mother32 & eurorack



I clicked through after searching “cocoquantus” here on the forum. I really enjoy this album! I’m curious how it all came together - i.e. how did you route stuff, what did the cocoquantus do, what did the Octatrack do.


Hey - thanks for listening. I used both the Coco and the OT in various ways in various tracks. On Eibsea for instance, the OT was sequencing the synth and sampling it (reversing the audio and bending it a bit) on a couple of different channels. On track 2, I used the OT just for the delay, which was set to 100% and filtered on it’s own channel.

The Coco is responsible for all the crunchy drones and general fuzziness. I’m sure you can replicate a lot of the functionality with the OT but I find the Cocoquantus forces me to use my ears more.

Some tracks were pretty much recorded live and others had a few layers added.


9 patterns composition


Damn if the snare/clap were just tighter this would be a pretty damn close Arpanet track.

Love the atmosphere.


House Edits. Digitakt and Rytm over Overbridge.


I got two spring reverbs by Furman Sound for free! They sound so massive with the Analog Four! This inspired me to record a quick techno track.


OP-Z only.


Just switched from an OT MK1 to MK2. The new encoders are nice but this is the first thing I made on it

Glitchy and ambient


Very nice tune.


Here’s a very silly track using a very odd voicemail from someone at Walmart that was definitely meant for someone else.

See you when you get to Walmart!


Started re-recording tracks for album release. OT only


my track

made a great track. jam. no edits. only digitakt and digitone used.

techno 128


Full Track. Hope you like it.


Hi there! Here’s an unusual blend of styles…

I’ve sampled the Digitone passed through the Eurorack modules Magneto, Shapes, Three Sisters, and Clouds, into the Octatrack mk1, then played it live through the Octatrack and recorded it in the same time, live (no overdubs). The beats are from the Octatrack too.

Obviously take this video with a solid second degree ! :wink: With all my respect to the ladies…