Share your tunes


some unreleased tracks I’m going to publish soon, any feedback really appreciated


This is a little track I recorded earlier this year. It’s the Octatrack controlling a raveolution 309 and a 0-coast, together with some samples and a synth from the op-1.
I hope you enjoy.


really feeling this one.


Octatrack + Digitakt live set improvisation. Unplanned, unrehearsed, unedited, 100% fun. Enjoy!


Practically synth pop…not in a good way! Builds kinda cool. Neutron for the bass and arp’d synth, A4mkii for everything else. Neutron goes back to Guitar Center tomorrow


new jam from my Reaktor system. No Daw’s or external fx were harmed in the making of this track


Previews of my upcoming EP mostly done with digitakt/digitone/a4. traded the digitone for an A4 actually prefer the analog warmth from the A4 more then digitone even it is harder to program and stuff.


Woah, this is pretty tight. (:


and here’s the video for it:


…dancable? (:


Digitone, Dfam and mother32 with 0-coast, Piano and Guitar. Improv from yesterday.




Probably not for everyone ehhehe


Yes, absolutely. I would play another sound on top, some kind of hook, a lead sound. It would give some additional emotions to the tune.


This makes fun.


This is special!


Thanks for listening!


I got a new single out called Neurowave. It’s cyberpunk-tinted synthwave. Made with Digitone, Digitaktand D-05.


Just acquired an Octatrack MKII to breath some life into my synth jams


My first attempt at eurorack/modular. Quite the learning curve. Clocked and sequenced with the A4