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wake your neighbours now ;)…


That ending is brilliant.


Thnx mate! :wink:


Goddamn these are some of the most inspiring releases I’ve heard in a while. Especially the more noisescape tracks (like Empty, Birth and The Five) and the creative use of distortion. Beautiful.


Hello, download for my mini lp HOGGAMENTA is open for Free.
Synthesizer snare pad delay, fresh summer vibez straight from the vault.
5 tracks + 1 bonus
Feel Free to share


A new track. The idea was to make all sounds from scratch on the Analog 4. I had to replace one or two with samples in the end but I’m getting there.


Hiya, had my first go at recording some live jamming with an Octatrack a few other bits and a rather lovely Yamaha baby grand. It was all unscripted stuff and I just took the live mix as DAWs tend to give me a headache.


Ooop, it didn’t like me embedding the vid, here’s the link


Here’s our second jam with our alpha app - we used a Digitone, Digitakt, OP-Z and IK Uno (which was pretty cool). Still working on improving our mix!


Single I think I’ll include on EP but a bit more refined version. The only thing I edited on this was an extra guitar layer I didn’t record and sample prior on the Octatrack.

No idea how to master as usual. I think I butchered the EQ of the second bass line. Oh well.


Cheers!… many thanks listening!

Getting some really good reviews of these albums atm…


Hi all. Metal Motion by Infintium was largely made using an Octatrack, Digitakt, Analog Keys, SH 101 and Eventide Space. Cheers.


Quick live take/performance for the single pattern weekend challenge for the hardware jams facebook group. acidbassline (mb33 retro), drums/percs (digitakt), pad/string (micromonsta), stabby, housestab (analog four). Deep tech


Couple of OT’s… effects… MX1… Analog Heat and the enigmatic OB6 for the pad. All put to my recently fixed cassette!


Hi there,

little electro/techno track made with OT, DT, DN and Oto Machines BOUM. Hope you’ll enjoy :wink:


Only Digitakt.


Re-recorded the jam. The arrangement is slightly different but I DID NOT put it to tape.

I’m enjoying experimenting. There’s a big difference between the two versions.


Live Session with Rytm, Octatrack, 0-coast, Volca fm and Analog Keys.
Hope you enjoy.


Not the best place to post but at least it gets views.

Might be handy for someone.


Some fun with the RYTM :