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Here’s a little playlist of my latest jam-based cacophonies.
Gear is listed in the descrpition.
Rejoice the Noise!


4h36min od downloadable ACID tracks , or purchase WAV via Bandcamp …


Some nice vibes in here, really dig the brisket and ribs part.


Some ambient/dub techno track I’ve recorded using the A4, DT and Live 10 wavetable.


Some deep stuff here. “Daisy” is particularly engaging.


Love this, reminds me of my fave Clams Casino tracks.


here’s another house track i just finished. again made with the DT/A4/Diva and mastered by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio (

thanks for listening, hope you like it. :slight_smile:


This is a “generative music” piece I wrote after being inspired by a recent loopop video.

I modeled a Harmonaig Instruo eurorack module in Pure Data.
The Instruo module is a chord generating quantizer.

Pure Data sends the Instruo-like generated midi chords to the Elektron Digitone. The Pure Data patch generates the chords according to a Euclidian rhythm patch (per acreil) and randomizes the voicing and the inversions of the chords.

The Digitone synthesizes the sounds and arpeggiates the chords, while providing a midi clock to Pure Data for the Euclidian rhythm. The Digitone also synthesizes a drone note from the root of the generated chord.

The Elektron Digitakt provides random percussive sounds.


My last live performance with some old movie edit
100% hardware set up


Just a few new track recordings I did from a recent live set.



Analog 4 mkII bass + Fender Telecaster Deluxe + New Years eve


Quick Jam with digitakt through an old cassette recorder circuit, electribe 2 and tape loop.


Model:Samples, Arturia Minibrute 2, effects-laden guitar and bass.


Hello :wave:t2:

New hip hop inspired track. Really enjoying the Model:Samples and the Streichfett is lush :headphones: hope you enjoy!


Just released my sophomore album for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp. It’ll be out across all major stores and streaming platforms next week. Lot’s of Digitakt and Digitone across the whole album :heat::content::heat:


Im just a guy making music in his house but i like to share my jams. This is what I’ve been doing all night. Just digitakt. Started with a “hey you” Pink Floyd intro played on a synth sampled into dt

Listen to Floyd The Axeman by Muddy Filter #np on #SoundCloud




Electronics with spoken word… true stories are the best stories!


So fresh! :grinning: