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I’m doing really cheesy stuff, just for fun and nothing! It’s my hobby, and I don’t care about conventions or good taste.

click > Miko33 mk2 on metapop < click


Are the wrist thingies on the drummer sending clock? Or is he using a click track?


Those are motion sensors, and with a max patch in my laptop they are generating the midi notes played on the synth


Aha, neat idea.


Here’s something I did, MPC Live only, slightly overcompressed and oversidechained though…



Got my Deckard’s Dream yesterday. OMFG this thing is so lush. Made a quick demo sequenced and accompanied by a Digitone. The high noise floor is from using an analog chorus and delay on a send from my mixer, but its only really noticeable at the intro and outro.

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Octatrack a Nord Modular G2 and my Eurorack
System a great combination and melting perfect toghether with the Hermod Modular Brain:


psycadelic stuff dude :slight_smile:


I finally had the courage to record a 47min electronic live set, super excited to share it with you all. Also the first time recording in firstpersonview! It features beats from the #elektron-gear:analog-rytm :drum: basslines melodies and pads from the #elektron-gear:analog-four) :musical_keyboard: and vocal samples triggering / looping and crossfader tricks from the #elektron-gear:octatrack :headphones:. Sidechaining the analogfour is courtesy of the fmrrnc compressor, all original unreleased content (except from the small nod to daft punk somewhere in the middle)


Little bit of live drone I jammed out this morning on my DT, DN and SH01a while taking a break from trying to arrange a track that’s been doing my head in.


I have added a melody to my previous post

A simple chord progression in C Lydian.
Created with the help of Scaler from Plugin Boutique.

Pad preset: Deep Space Diva from u-he Diva
Lead Preset: Tomita Arab Voice from Arturia Modular


I have produced a new remix…

All the beats are from digitakt… the loop melody which fades in in the brigde part is also from digitakt.

I’m happy for comments…


Been fannying about with my Octatrack over the past couple of weeks and whenever I steal an evening I’ve flicked the radio on and recorded a sample or two of whatever song is playing on Aboslute 80s.

After 6 of these “sessions” I decided to record them out into Live and to just make one big track that I can listen to on the train to think about bringing into play the cross fader and scenes some more.

So, more than a little rough and I decided to include the sample I took before each track for reference. The tracks basically run chronologically too in terms of when I did them - the latter ones are little more interesting and, to my ears, a little better mixed. But fuck it, I’m not looking to win any awards here anyway!

Hopefully something in there for someone to enjoy at least.


Ok, so don’t scoff at the notion right away, but I made this on my phone (old samsung) during a 2,5h busride. And I can say honestly say I learned quite a bit doing it lol.



I made a new video with live tweaking one of my tracks on the Digitone.
It’s Ambient Electronica but gets quite gritty at times.
Lots of “control all” use in this one.


thats very cool


Trying something different. Just jamming




Thanks! I also use the sensors in continuous mode - This is a jam I recorded live a while ago (no Elektrons involved, I think)