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Made with the Digitone and some vocal samples(Octatrack) (the acid-ish line in the beginning is done with a Hypersynth Xenophone). Enjoy!


This is funky :+1::+1:


Jamming to a Dark City sample with my A4 mk 2, Digitakt, and Minitaur:


slowly evolving jam

the a4mkii highpass + lfo fm gets nasty


@anguslocke Wow that was super nice! Not the stuff I usually listen to but this was sweet (my girlfriend shouted from the other end of the apartment that it sounded like Street Fighter), the visual is great too.

@Electromatic This is quite impressive! It sounds great, the chord progression feels adventurous but very natural too, love the Digitone sound as well. :slight_smile:

Here is a semi-generative ambient track I made on the Digitakt (inspired by a Loopop video too) :


Hi, this project is mine :slight_smile:


Ha! “Music for Airpods” Love how you have printed out the lyrics so we can sing along! Classy Cheez


nice one, enjoyed that


Thank you for the classy cheez! :sunglasses:

I’ll upload some more stuff soon


Hey People, here’s one of my jam’s on a Digitakt with iPad for additional FX/looping. 7 Patterns, approx 2 mins on each.

Thanks for watching !


I really like the tones!


This one’s very much inspired by DAF, NEU and Conny Plank’s productions:


Never intend to release shitty jams but Eurorack is addicting for sure… Takes work to find musical sweet spots but it’s so gratifying. Props to the Digitone for holding it down.


Deep long chill tech/break 124 BPM track with a running arp (digitone), distorted stab (digitone, acidy bassline (mb33 retro), drums/perc etc (digitakt)


New heavy heavy just completed:


And another one finished up today:


Oh shit! TITE!


Sunday Morning Easy-Listening Acid =)




Some more edits from one of favorite Detroit funk/soul albums.

Rytm is on Rhythm, and the Digitakt is on sample duty. Also, this is my first time using Overbridge with the AR mains and DT full 8 out.