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this is really cool!


Ha thanks :slight_smile: I’ve had other people say the same. I think my sensitivity to high frequencies is pretty low and it’s making my mix a bit tinny


Groovy Tech house


Hello together:grinning:
Really enjoy this thread. Here is an ambient track with some beats.


Hello :wave:t2:

Another ambient hip-hop experiment. Pleased with this one…came together really quickly, and I think the less thought you put into the creative process can sometimes lead to the best results. Go with your gut!


Hi friends,
A jam with MD DT and monostation.


Monomachine jam! Oh how i miss it. Totally buying one again as soon as possible.


This is probably the last 100% DAW tune I’ll ever make and probs won’t have anything new for a while until I master my new setup.


Graham Bond obsession is orbiting back around and I really wanted to sample his voice and hammond organ on the morphagene.


1 endless 16 step pattern monolistic (ARMKII, DN, Pulse2, guaranteed no templates, free from presets ;))


Chord progression created with the help of Scaler from Plugin Boutique.
Pad preset: Deep Space Diva from vst synth u-he Diva


Nice bit of Mononism!


Thanks :)!


AR v. noob Eurorack (through a Lexicon MX300).


Carries me away, nice :)!


Meditative, nice.


Thank you very much for the kind words :slight_smile:


I made a thing :slight_smile: Look Ma! no Daw!

Cirklon Sequencing(
Ambika1 -> AMT-SS20 with Empress Reverb in send -> MI Shades
Ambika2 -> Qu-bit Prism -> MI Shades
VP-03 -> Hologram Infinite Jets) -> Octatrack MK2
RYTM -> Octatrack mk2
Digitone -> Midiverb 2 -> Octatrackmk2

Mutable Instruments Ambika - acid bass & weird lead
Elektron Digitone - pads, glassy leads, percussion
Roland VP-03 - vocoder, strings & and voice synths,
Elektron RYTM Mk2 - Bass Drum, Claps, Snares, High Hats


Hey hey!
A couple of our band VOID with the Digitone in the studio