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best live jazz performance of all time! :skull: :skull: :skull:

Trippy video, what did you use?

What is this?

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1 pattern and 4 bars on the Elektron syntakt recorded into my m8 Via OBS software using the M8 web display so that’s why it looks like that other than the couple swells of M8 reverb at the beginning it’s all 100% syntak.

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It’s a tool called I’m quite scared how little I had to provide to get it to do something this good (just gave it a still image and a few prompts). To be fair, it’s very suited to this kind of video as I think that the diffusion models most visual AI works with tend towards something that’s not quite but almost in line with reality, a bit like the subconscious processes you get on a trip. Am playing around to see what else I can get it to produce.

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Here’s my latest, a slow-ish textural bleepy techno track. Mostly made with an A4, 0-Coast, AS-1, samples from a Soma Ether, and Slate and Ash Cycles:


titles and thumbnails, shitles and scumsnails…


what’s the little white box on top?

The mythical, mind morphing and maddening MCL. The MD enhancement box.

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mind morphing indeed.

I dig it, and also gave it a like on YT, not sure that will help much tho. Feels like all the platforms are getting crapper for engagement. I saw that Soundcloud are pushing getting 100 plays as a feature for Next Pro subscribers. It’s all geting shitter.

I like your custom vernier dial replacement for the big encoder :slight_smile:

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Thanks spikysimon.

Yeah it’s a slog to reach new ears.
At current trajectory I should be a YouTube partner in 23 years.:expressionless:🫥


holy shit, what a tune!

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so many modules, yet i always go back to ol’ reliable lol


Noisy-ish live-take track in the techno domain


“Not What I Call Bonk Wave - Volume 001”
An eclectic collection of electronic music, fourteen tracks for your delight.

I encourage you to pop zero in the pay-field to cop, and then,
please enjoy!

Much Love!

More info here:


My new Muzka remix is out today on freebooter lounge. Bit different than my usual but very happy withit. My fav though is the Dollops remix


here‘s my new jam with the machines :raised_hands:
new live tenko jam

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