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I’ve built a system that I’m hoping to use at EMOMs in the future. It’s based around the ST and DT.
The Micofreak goes via Zoom and Space Echo into left input on DT. The Pro-800 goes into right input of DT. The DT is connected to stereo in on ST, and finally the ST is fed to mix in on SH-4d so I end up with just a stereo output. The SH-4d is fed into the iPhone via a CCK and UCA-222.

This is my first upload to YouTube, and I hope you enjoy!


My first finished track in Bitwig, second ever finished track. Neural Dampener, by me, Mirtazapine Dream:

Constructive feedback welcomed.


Hi! A few of my tunes that will be part of two separate possible EP releases sewn into a mixtape. I might release those EP’s, I might not. I’m playing with the idea of expanding further on mixtapes. They hold finished tracks, that were meant for different EP’s conceptually, but I see the whole of them more in the context of the time I created them in, and therefore feel binded together in one entity. Mixtape feels less cohesive than let’s say an LP, but nonetheless connects underlying themes and concepts.

Genre: Ambient/Techno/Electro


Drum & Bass with some classic Jungle breaks and pads and some “jazzy” elements. Enjoy on hot summer nights!


Welcome, ENs! Crazy duet DT+Korg NTS-1
ASMR Techo experiments OMG:


spitz / squeal EP | Left-field, Experimental (Gear: monomachine)

All platforms


A4 mk1 only


hi everyone. been having fun creating some different tunes lately.

“killstreak” is an attempt at trapwave/hardwave/dubstep created using Digitakt for drums and “flavor” samples (mostly from freesound and elektron soundpacks), Digitone and OP1F for synths, and TX-6 for recording and processing. I arranged in Ableton Live and mostly used stock plugins to clean up some mud and boost the juice. i find it very hard to create good “drop” based music on the hardware alone so i decided that using my new mixer to get some minty recordings into the box would be the way to achieve this. let me know what you think.


I think it’s great!

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Hello 'nauts, long time no see…

Here’s a little tune I wrote, if you’re into 90s nostalgia. Some Elektron gear in it, some VSTs too.


very nice !

Live in egypt with Digitakt and AH +FX ft. Sylvia Hinz, ipad vid but pro audio


Hello everyone!
Not long ago my :tada:debut track :tada: got released by one of my favourite labels. :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s the wind instrument? Are you going to make me like flutes? ah, Alto Recorder, phew. Can still dislike flutes mostly. Sounds fantastic.

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I imagine that when designing your kick,
you didn’t think about the structural integrity of the pyramids.
Brutally beautiful !

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Guitar through a series of effects and through modular.


gnar gnar. nice textures.

Here is the first song-shaped thing I’ve made using hardware synths. I went down the cheesy synthwave route, so sorry in advance I guess. Some things to mention:

  • I love how the Digitone sounds
  • I would love to have more than one Master FX slot on the TR-8S, because it’s hard to not use one of the “make this sound good” effects.
  • The direct live transpose feature in the TB-3 works with external input too! It’s really fun to arrange a simple pattern and improvise some variations while playing.

Bit of jamming into the rytm and fucking with the sample start times over my groove


thank you for the listen :slight_smile:

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