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I made this with a Digitakt and Sub37 - :sake::happy:


Hey there,

I mangled my kids voice with the Octatrack on this track. The drums are from drumbrute, also proceeded thru the Octatrack. And that huge synth line is played by Analog Keys.
Unfortunately, I lost the synth line by not saving it. :exploding_head::grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:
So I only have this live recording, which in some parts could be better. But I enjoy it anyways and want to share it with you.


wow, this is great!


Trying for something that would sound like a scene from a movie…had trouble mastering it loud enough without clipping, so I think it’s a bit under mastered, but not by a ton


I was going through my work and realized despite owning several Elektron boxes over the years I think I’ve almost never used them on my released music, which is odd.

Anyway, here’s my most recent solo record, made with Ableton, Reaktor, and lots of sampling:

And my most recent release with my trio:

I may have used the RYTM quite a bit on this remix under an old project:

Hope y’all enjoy, I’ve had a nice time going through this thread listening to everyone’s work!


I made a remix for my friend Ursula’s Cartridges, it’s a future funk/techno influenced affair.


That’s cool! The Sound is good to my ears.


Nice one :thup:

Nice vibe, really like it


Here’s something. DT/DN/M32/Blofeld


This is my first somewhat Elektron-centered track - a rather long (37 minutes) very slowly evolving drone/dub “techno” thing. The central riff is my Analog Four and the Machinedrum add some percussive sounds and bleeps near the end. Apart from this the background pads/noise are old tapes and field-recordings, the main beat a Tanzbär (mk1) and the Mother32 does the bass.


This song of mine is all digitakt+digitone (except vocals and some guitar coloring at the end)


Some new stuff with a short lovely electro track. Octatrack, A4, Nord Modular G2 and Access Virus C recorded in Cubase.


Nice track and setup! Since you asked, I also often use the octatrack with live musicians. Like this time:
The playlist called “Mikkel_Zen & Kajducker” on this channel “memprod” is all live recordings.


Limit myself to only Deepmind 6 for this one. Added some Valhalla Shimmer and a bit of Ableton delay.


I finished my 2018 album (10 tracks). I used the Heat, A4, Rytm, Make Noise modular and Moog synths. Not to mention Bitwig Studio and a lot of UA plugins.


Worked on something today. Couldn’t get the mix right to save my life! I enjoy doing this kind of thing though. Live sample my bass guitar and chop it up like a drum break


Here is a mix of all original music that I put together to apply for a festival next summer… it is my second time putting together a mix of just my music - always interesting to hear as it formulates my feelings at the time of creation. Mostly made with a combination of rytm, analog4, digitone, and samples… arranged and mastered in ableton.


Dude…so sick around 25:30-30:00. Super tite!
Who’s the vox…reminds me of smiley culture.
Damn this is hittin like a spiked bat.


100% Analog Rytm


here is a track I did figuring out my workflow between digitakt and deepmind 12.