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no idea, but it‘s great!


Late Night Recording with Elektrons, Sub37, 0-coast and Volca fm. Recorded into a Zoom L-12.
I hope you enjoy!


This is actually the first song I’ve recorded with the Digitakt. Still getting used to the workflow so it’s quite minimal and a little strange.


This is great, very full sounding and lots of stuff going on that works really well together


Just a small exercise with Digitone and Rytm making use of the Dual VCO. It’s the sound right in beginning and also the spacepad sound that rise and falls in the last part of the track.


Tanzbar + DFAM combo …


with animation


Nord Lead 2 + Jomox Xbase 888, enjoy!


Like it!:sunglasses:


First time posting! Just made this Live video of an original track using Octotrack as the main brain and sampler, It’s sequencing the Moog Mother 32 and there was a Poly Six in the studio I was able to use. :heart_eyes:
Playing with Guitar and Violin too, Who else is using Octotrack with live musicians? It’s a new thing for me.


Love how this builds up, very nice!


Thanks @Erwinn!


Love this!


“a muddy dark drone thing”
Hope you enjoy.



A Little teaser of my last gig using just hardware . Including visuals
hope you like it.


I’ve had my OT MK2 for about 4 months now. Very much a beginner still. Up til this jam I tended to write a few patterns, make Scenes, then load everything into Logic for editing and arranging. Today I decided to start working with more parts and learn the Arranger stuff. Wasn’t as tough as I feared. I made a few samples on the Waves Flow Motion FM synth and sampled em into the OT. Nothing else but the OT after that. Kinda came out a bit poppy, but…


I just released my first Future House track. This one was sequenced and arranged on the Digitakt except for the separate sub and a few of the effects sounds which I added later in my DAW. The sound design is a mix of Serum and the Digitakt. Typically creating a sound in Serum, then removing any envelopes and modulation and take the raw sound into the Digitakt to finish. I’ve heavily processed everything in Logic. I think I’ve found the balance for my workflow between Logic and the Digitakt. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one as much as I do.




Hi everybody,

here is a new jam/track. Please, feel free to leave comments here or on soundcloud. Enjoy :wink: