Share your tunes


beautiful track! :slight_smile:


also did a little jam, besides rearranging the boxes / adding DN

Your setups

Thanks man that means a lot.
Not 100% sure on the MC - I cut up a lot of vocals to make them work.


A recent live set with the Digitakt (running breaks, Volca FM samples, 90s rave vox samples, and other random resampled stuff), TR-8 (with FMR 1773 and the Fostex MN-15 as a parallel squashing the shit out of the drums), and the DSI Evolver (on bassline duty) all through the trusty Boss BX-8.

Starts at 150bpm and ends at 170bpm.


Fantastic job, seriously!


Much thanks! :metal:


just a little techno jam on my favorite “top of the world” :slight_smile:

Octatrack, Rytm and Analog Four


keep it up…good stuff!


There we go. Ambient piece by Octatrack mk2, Digitakt, Digitone and Moog Minitaur.


This track starts a little bit chaotic and then evolves in some kind of hip beat thing. Sorry, I’m bad at genres. But it was a lot of fun doing this.

Synth stuff - Digitone
Drum stuff - Analog Rytm
Weird stuff - Octatrack

Recorded and arranged with Ableton Live.


Some live dub!



Jamming some Electro on Analog Rytm MK1 and Digitone (15min).

All sounds from Rytm and Digitone, no samples, no external FX, only some compression afterwards.


This is dope! Liking the percussion and weirdness


Thank you very much. I appreciate that.



Straight from main out to the cloud :wink:

Analog Rytm and Analog 4


How did you mix those vocals? I’m on intra auricular headphones it’s like here in my kitchen.
Some kind of panning and time delay ?


Yep, sampled them, altered pitch, eqed, filtered and panned delay


This is my first go with samples on the OT. The kick and other less straight forward things are from the OT. The rest is all out the box and live too. Put a little EQ on it and Waves L1 on the master stereo file after I got it in the box.