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“Inception” is the 2nd video of our “Studio Sessions” series where we live jam original material in our studio. For this session, Diana improvised her jam with about an hour to sound design her synths and develop a basic beat, and then we hit record!

Gear used: Analog 4, Analog Keys, OB-6 programmed with the Cirklon and everything mixed through a PlayDifferently Model1 mixer. Effects are using the Eventide H9s.

We ran the output of the Model1 into a Rockrupel Comp1 and an Elysia Museq for some extra analog phatness!


rewatched interstellar again, got a little inspired:



wanted to share these two I did recently.

First one has DN and live bass and the second one is a mock for a video game score.


Holy crap, nice one! What machines did you use for this?

Here’s one that is about 75% analog four mk1 - everything but a few samples and the beginning bassline (minibrute):

I did it a while back but just remixed and mastered it today.


Thank you. That’s Digitakt + Blofeld.


analog keys lfo mayhem + tanzbar + prcoessinng visuals


What’s running visuals? Looks really cool.



I wrote it in processing.


“Out There in the Garden” a little song I wrote that my friend and I performed. No synths…But there is extensive Mellotron! To be seen on my upcoming album :wink:


Live set with my dear Elektron trinity, Rytm, OT and A4
The view was so beautiful, that it was almost hard to concentrate on music :slight_smile:
but I did it anyway, and hope that you will like it.


digitakt and digitone allowed me to redo music after a long unwanted break. these are just demos (live take direct from hardware / minimum daw treatment) but if you have an opinion it interests me :slight_smile:

DT / DG / a little manther and various eurorack


Some Dark Techno (at least I hope you could call it that) on the DT. This is just the intro.



Very cool! Love the first one especially


I made a thing. NES retro 8-bit music on a Digitakt.

Just a quick sketch, really, but by complete accident it sync’d up well with the Smash Ultimate trailer, so I had to upload it.

The song is called “Tales of Troperia” because it’s full of musical tropes. At some point in the future, I might make a more fleshed-out version, but this 8-bit one was quick easy fun.


Was going for something cinematic…monster under the bed kinda thing


Nope, definitely not looking under that bed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


nice! how do you get the footage with no music?


They published the trailer without music. The fan theory there is that Nintendo intentionally did it that way so people would add their own songs and re-post their own versions of the video. Otherwise it would be really strange for it to line up so neatly with a 120bpm song and yet have no music of its own.

It’s like they purposely picked the most common tempo and purposely made it really easy to sync with. It works well with things like the Cowboy Bebop theme song (“Tank!”) and “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. And, as it turns out, it also syncs up pretty well with a sketch I made before the video came out.


Got back to my machines after being sick. Feels good. What is this? Dark ambient electro something?

Stuff used: octatrack digitone mother32 dfam op1 jazzmaster ipad iconnectaudio4plus tonestack keystep audiobus