Share your tunes


It’s the Leipzig SK, really does mean bass, kind of like a Pro 1 but without the maintenance issues.

It sits beside my work desk so i actually made that patch whilst I was supposed to be working :smile:


great music man!


very nice hypnotic acid track! great work :slight_smile:


it’s a drone i recorded whilst I was basking in hum at the local substation spa. OP1 and sub37:
(had to get something out of the system)


Thanks m8,

very first steps on these two boxes, but really loving them already :slight_smile:


Hi, did a little jam this week and just uploaded it, as I want to share some music with the great community on this forum…

Circuit > A4 > AR > stereo recording


Was messing around with my Rev2 the other night, and just decided to record some loops into the OP-1.

I was really pleased with the results. A nice ambient piece.


OT learning curve exercises. All sounds are my bass guitar. Played a couple riffs in live, sliced em up for the bass part. Smacked on the bass for ‘drums’ and the chordal stuff was the bass played through a Montreal Assembly Count To Five, Méris Enzo and a GFI Specular Tempus







A couple of tracks I made a while ago and only just polished up.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Liking these! What setup did you make them with?


It was about a year ago, definitely pre-elektron. I think most of it is from my monologue multitracked into Ableton with a few bits from a volca FM and a Waldorf Streichfett, plus loads of delay and reverb obvs.


There should be a “listen to all tracks in this thread” - option here… so many really cool tunes.

Hooked up my AR Mk2, DT, DN and a Vermona Perfourmer and came up with this one:

Again, very busy to try muting/unmuting all the relevant tracks, so not much time for sweeps, fades and all the other things…

Think I will hop into AR’s song mode soon…

One Single Track, directly from my DB4 record out into a Tascam DR-05, transferred to and normalized in Studio One 3.

Have fun listening and I’m of course open to all suggestions on what to improve in a musical sense.


Something from the weekend


This is a Technojam played with the Digitakt and the GR-1 from Tasty Chips.


A buddy of mine just got a Moog Grandmother. I recorded about 10 minutes of him playing with the arp, mangled the fuck out of it and added some 0 Coast…it’s a bit ‘quiet storm,’ but I like it :slight_smile:


And here’s a real simple jam using only my bass guitar as the sound source. Made a beat out of the sounds in my DT, then ran that through my pedalboard (Count To Five, Enzo, Specular Tempus) into my OT for Scenes and slicing. Recorded into Logic