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custom volca sample noodles fed ito ableton and the mashed with the launchpad 95 script.


those were great!


the title literally stands for the devices respectively


my new project:

Rytm, a4 and mfb-522
edit: and Heat also.


Simple and ambient.
Found this old project on my A4 today.


Hello there !
I’m new here, and just started to work with Octatrack and Analog Rytm. Those machines are awesome !
Here’s my first jam. Feel free to comment !


Hey !

I was jamming and it turns to this…Made 3 overdubs and slight edits in bitwig…

The track is probably a naive musical hybrid but I would be curious to hear your feedbacks, especially on what I can improve in the mix…

Starring Analog keys for pads, keys and perc bass, Octatrack for drums and percs. G2 for guitar solo (!) and bassline.
Hope you’ll like it, at least a bit…


Smooth vibs from the P5 :slight_smile:


rough techno jam before bed :wink:


Here’s a nice little thing I put together last week.
Digitone, Rytm, Analog Four, and Werkstatt oscillator through Dr Octature ii filter (modulated by werkstatt filter in oscillation)

I’m loving the digitone! FM is so cool.


have a listen to our new jam. Have fun !


analog keys + tanzbar



Hi everybody,

my last track/jam only made with digitakt thru Oto Machines BOUM. I hope you’ll enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:


Fun piece of music!



Performing in my crib :slight_smile:


Latest improvised live set incl. Ot, Dn, Norddrum, Guitar, Op1, ipad


Analog Four Mk2 and Nord Modular G2


Not a tune per se but a string of semi-tunes shaped live :