Share your tunes


Fun piece of music!



Performing in my crib :slight_smile:


Latest improvised live set incl. Ot, Dn, Norddrum, Guitar, Op1, ipad


Analog Four Mk2 and Nord Modular G2


Not a tune per se but a string of semi-tunes shaped live :




Thanks man! Fun to make as well. :slight_smile:


Some lofi tunes. Hope you like it!


You’re so good, man!


Glad you like it!


A small live event (30min set)

Digitakt, MFB Nanozwerg, Doepfer MS404, DSI Evolver, Tr8, Boss BX8, Strymon Deco & Blue Sky


Nice one, this was really good. Where are you based?


Thanks :slight_smile:


well, a somewhat easy song, but i was so busy muting / unmuting all the tracks and tryin’ to keep track of where I am right now in the track… no time for filter sweeps :smiley:

AR MkII, DT, A4, Vermona Perfourmer, Mooer Ocean Machine

One take, normalized in StudioOne.

Be gentle :slight_smile:


Nagoya, Japan. You?


London. I’ve been to Nagoya, once, that was a long time ago though.


A rooftop bar type of song, only done in ableton



This is actually very good, did you make it on elektron devices?