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Oh no, not this one. It’s a korg volca bass sequenced and filtered by a mutables instruments shruti and then playing with the parametric eq of a a behringer xenyx. And drums from from an electribe.

Thanks btw !


downloadable btw:


wow, that bass is coming from volca? great sound


Actually the 3 oscillators of the volca are layered with another one from the shruti. And the shruti filter is key here.


My second track/jam type thing. Techno headbanger.


Played some bass giutar into my OT, then chopped and mangled it into this. Nothing but bass samples.
Kinda has a dreampop vibe to it. Assuming you have really shitty dreams :slight_smile:


A lot of folks have been feeling this one… it’s a bit more moody than most of my tracks and not sure if it would do well on a dancefloor. Made this shortly after getting dumped by a girl that was not really into music… ah well it made me feel better.


Care to name all the gear used in the video?
Sounds phat.


He already listed it in the YouTube video.


I’m here on elektronauts watching it, I’m not at YouTube. How am I suppose to know that he posted that “already”. lol


Have fun with that.


The phatness is from the DPO by make noise running through a Korgasmatron 2 filter. I also used a very phat kick sample.


Damm sounds really nice. Might have to look into that gear.
Thanks for sharing, appreciate it.


No worries mate. Nice but expensive!


Hello everybody,

here is a track/jam made with digitakt, minitaur, microbrute, shruthi 4PM and kaoss pad 2. Hope you will enjoy :slight_smile:


A long storry (since 2001) with Elektron gear and more
a playlist with fresh and old songs


That’s wild. Got friends in Japan?


One in Osaka, one in Nagoya, and a few in Toyko. Would love to go back, it’s been a really long time.

Was just trying to figure out if you were from the US, or Japan, or just visiting, etc. No real reason, just curious.


Some actual stuff - enjoy!
mostly done on SH101, MD, Modor, Microwave1, Eurorack,AR, A4 and some little bits of the park/fun
hit record and did some takes


My dad turned 80 recently…was thinking about going to old video arcades with him when I was a kid, which lead to this little jam. OT, 0 Coast through some pedals and Alchemy synth