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I read a ton of Gibson’s stuff in the 90’s. I’m curious what the connection is, musically, in your opinion :slight_smile:


Kind of hard to say specifically as I’m not really trying to do any genre bending with these, but I think dance has always been about the dregs just trying to escape something. Musically I just try to find ways that might express that and kind of re-imagine that origin story.

What was your favorite of his?


I probably read Neuromancer around…87? 88? Something like that, and it will most likely be a favorite because it was my first book of his. I loved Difference Engine, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Count Zero, the Burning Chrome collection as well. It’s been quite awhile since I read any of his stuff. Funny, I attach certain records I had when I read a fair amount of cyber punk books. FSOL, DJ Shadow, Tricky, Foetus, Meat Beat Manifesto… good memories


Have you seen this project? Might be relevant to your interests.


Wow! Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


Nice one. I’ve read everything William Gibson a few times. He lives an hour from me which is cool too. Check out Robert J Sawyer - awesome scifi too. He’s one the Hugo award as well.


Very nice Track great job!


Thanks! That’s wild! Any suggestion of Robert Sawyer’s work? I like Gibson’s unapologetic way of detailing the future. Mindscan and Factoring Humanity both sound pretty cool.


Thanks a lot!


It´s Saturday Night, time for some screams from those pesky machines ;)… hehe


Nice stuff :slight_smile:

Was this posted before? I recognise the vocal sample.


Just finished this one, would love to hear feedback/critiques.


The Wake Watch Wonder series is great.
And the Hominids series is really good too.


I think I posted one track before.



Digitakt + Digitone + Bass Station II
Arranging and editing in Live 10


A relatively unrehearsed (rambles on a bit) jam on the DT and MicroMonsta.


a4,ableton, reason

may the techno be with you!!!


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I’ve done this thing a few times where I just doodle for an hour completely from scratch (clear patterns, cleared voices, almost no preliminary ideas)

Most recent one yesterday:

And the others I’ve done (I don’t think I’ve shared them here before?):