Share your tunes


Very cool!


Thnx mate!


The Octatrack is my “cool down and chill” piece of hardware.


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I hate you for that thumbnail :smiley:


Ha ha some things can never be unseen :smile:


Those are some excellent synth sounds, btw. Definitely very ideal sounding


Thanks very much, that one just kind of came together nicely, with using the ASol synths so much recently I’ve got really familiar with them and can pretty much dial up a sound to fit really fast :slight_smile:


This is one of my latest work, which I think is almost presentable. I specially like the vibe of the first part. The second part is totally A4.


This is great Stuff Tantze Knut :slight_smile:


this is awesome…really cool sound!


Been messing around with some more soundtrack/cinematic pieces lately which has been a lot of fun - this is probably my favourite jam that came out of it


A short little thing


really dug the swing spacing of the parts and restrained groovy-ness :slight_smile: of this track. great track.


Hey… thank you very much! Greetings from Hamburg :wink:


My set up is Maschine MK3, A4MK2, DN, and Baebleton.


The link says not available on SoundCloud.


Dude this is so good. Thick, meaty, dangerous vibes.


Does it allow you to play in the forum? Its a private link.


Yes, here we go. :blush: