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First track with A4 + AR since I got the new studio up (it sounded fabulous on the new monitors, but let me know if it sucks on yours, haven’t gotten the room treated yet, haha). Not sure what type of genre this is, some sort of house-ish thing? I liked the vibe anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s beautiful, dude. Kinda reminds me of Prefuse’s Delarosa and Asora stuff.

I’m torn between pegging it as glitch-hop and deep house.

Gorgeous stuff no matter what you call it!


Sounds good to me dude :slight_smile:


Here is the 2nd tune I have recorded - AR Mk1 and a Bassbott - I recorded it live with the main outputs of the AR and the Bass bot tracked seperately into my soundcard. I did some post -production using a copy of Neutron mk 1 that I won on Sonicstate (some time ago)!! Electro? Techno? who cares?
A Chemtrail Romance
I hope you enjoy, it seems to go down well live when I’ve played it out :slight_smile:
Thanks Chris


Hey, thanks man! That’s really nice of you to say! Much appreciate it! :slight_smile:

@RiddimFernandez - thanks for checking it out! Good to know. :slight_smile:


Love this!


Things have been getting much more minimal recently; this was recorded in one take (edited for excess only) with an MFB Dominion Club and a Critter & Guitarri Black and White Video Scope. Most of the time it took to create was concerned with editing the visuals - which feature a lot of strobing and flickering, so please view with care if that’s an issue for you.


Ha! What a great game that was (well, I had it in the Atari ST, but still). Nice work!


so many broken joysticks…


Had a lot of fun doing this Remix. Love doing stuff with Rappers.


Little clip of a new tune.


Some breezy dance grooves on the A4 and AR with a lead synth by ms20 mini.


had a jam in our livingroom. 140bpm acidhouse stylin… Digitakt at the helm!


lovely stuff!


Bassline is from my lovely A4


I played 3 improvised live sets in a row at a beautiful garden as a part of Tapetenwechsel in Erfurt. So many lovely people :two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands::couple:, surrounded by nature :herb::seedling:, listening to my stuff. Perfect match.

Here you can listen to these 3 sets. They are totally improvised from scratch, nothing written before.

Signal chain:
Octatrack INAB: iPad with audiobus, tonestack, colossus piano, samplr, key step, op1 and fender guitar into an iconnect audio 4+
Octatrack INCD: mother32 and dfam into digitone



niiice)) thanks man, I’ve been listening to it during my working day today, so good and simple :purple_heart::headphones:


Love this :+1:


Yes, that’s some chilled house kind of thing.
Reminds me a bit of dj koze. I like it.


Cheers, man/woman! :slight_smile: