Share your NOT electronic music

I haven’t seen a thread for this yet and I know a lot of us don’t just make electronic music or came from a background of playing acoustic instruments. I thought I would start a thread for those of us Elektron enthusiasts who also want to hear what we do when we aren’t p-locking steps.


This is my band from years back. All recorded in one take. Wordless vocals (I was into Sigur Ros) and effects are garbage (that’s on me), but the rest of the track was okay. The video was done by my friend Tom Newell (who now does live VJing for Hidden Orchestra) using old royalty free footage from Thomas Edison (which is cool in itself).


This is great! Thanks for sharing

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Some sort of cross between doom and thrash metal with some experimental stuff mashed in for good measure


holy shiz that distortion is delicious


Thanks. Guitar is EHX Microsynth plus some extra overdrive for good measure. Bass is a cascade of dirt from an HX Effects




Thanks for listening/vomiting.

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hahha, no i liked it!

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Really enjoyed that track!

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I made this a few years ago (edit: er, 9 years?! wow time flies), based on classical guitar improvisations, some of my best work imo:

Oh and a 5 minute grindcore “album”:


Here’s my band. Sadly I’m headed to our studio to dismantle it this weekend. If it’s the only thing covid claims in my life I’ll count myself incredibly lucky, but it still stings.


Love this idea!

Same 4 chords but I change the rhythm up quite a bit (around 1:20-1:45 it gets gnarly):

Experimental fingerstyle stuff (lot of different parts, odd tuning):


Awesome stuff!

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Really like ‘Ken and Gertie’.
Just checked your bandcamp page- greetings from 3073 :wave:

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Thank you!

3056 here, so not far from you :slight_smile:

Before we had a family we were into theatre and performance art. (Still so, but time and energy are a lot more limited). I think 2014 was the last year we did performances. I start around 9:18. I did the sounddesign myself, a dripping dirty towel in an old bucket, perfect for ghosting. :relieved:


Performance art is not made for the video format nor to be recorded. Just to experience in a live setting only.


This is my psychedelic noise rock band Distortion Girls and our only album from 2015.
LP-side-long songs, mostly only one chord. Me on organ, and two friends on electric guitars, vocals and an old MC-505 though a guitar amp. There were also a series of slow-motion videos in home-made dresses, ambling through a forest drinking alcohol (as a concept.)

Good times! I love making electronic music, but I also really miss playing live with this!


this is awesome

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what an excellent atmosphere

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