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Nice, where did you find these?
I made some stands in the shop at the highschool I teach at out of some scrap wood. These look much nicer.


here ya go.

from one wedge you can do an MD sized box and a DT sized box.
light and soft. but definitely firm enough, if yer banging on the buttons there’s no bounce.
great for dampening the THUMK of AR finger drumming.


Genius dude.


Another cheap alternative is this iPad stand from Ikea.


Here is another new painting:)


Tonight I made a little tool that generates geometric waveforms in a very brutal manner



Fun day of noodling with iVCS3 and Animoog apps


Here I am baby
Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours…
Live from NorCal, Open Mike!


Been lurking around here for several months since I got my first Elektron piece (Digitakt then turned around and bought the DT two weeks later). Anyway, I have been working on posters for various songs off my last two albums. Here is one of them. (Side note, best forum. Everyone here is great… outsider perspective)


Your art tells me you might be the kind that would appreciate knowing you can make freaky art masks out of a bull’s pelvis… :grin:


I like your Buddha painting - and the fine lady too :grinning:


Wow, that’s really great.


Went into the forest yesterday.
A cure.

Error: Highcharts error #18:

I just want to share my super-boring monday fixing Highcharts related sloppy code, I’m really starting to hate charts… and mondays… and job… and everything… and everyone, FFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!



You need a walk in the forest, I believe :wink:


Oh, cleaning my office hard disk (as I said, boring monday!) I found an early extract from the last track I’m working on, a liquid dnb try… enjoy & pray for me to finish it someday. :joy:


Can’t take cred for the art… It’s the current showing at our local elixir bar, where you can experience “art tasting”… Haha… :slight_smile:


these sound great :slight_smile: :ok_hand:t3:


just received the raspberry pi zero I ordered some days ago, will try to use it as generative/interactive vj tool and in hybrid ambient-visual installation :diddly: