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How did you go about the water sounds? Was this whole track done on Elektron boxes?

I keep listening to this because it puts a silly grin on my face. :crazy_face:


Digitone-RC-Bass-Algo.syx (339 Bytes)


My small contribution: An electro bass patch for Digitone. see it as a template. Algo is 3. You can change to any other algo to get easily another bass flavor.



Some drums + blops’n’blips are RYTM but the track’s being put together in Logic. Despite trying to move away from it I still love Sculpture the in-built physical modelling synth, it’s used here for the main ‘riff’ (2 instances) and the pipe sound.

Watery stuff is mostly lots of cutoff automation of resonant filters (a few per sound source; envelope and manual for bubble, subtler lfos for ‘waviness’) + flanging and other modulation fx like pitch shifting delays. Played around with filtered noise for splashes etc.

Working on a collection of watery music which started as an EP and is now well over an hour :grimacing:


now prepping for a new series of live shows, but in the meantime here’s what i was up to last year

selling my casio mt540 now as it was rinsed on this

enjoy the trip


I’m letting my Rytm go for an Octatrack, and thus have to jam a bit before it goes. Even dabbled around in iMovie for this one. Thought it came out ok!


Quick Machinedrum lunch break jam!


Lovely :ok_hand:


a thing i did last night


Nice work.


Thank You Sir!


Mad! I love that, picture suits it too :grin::+1:


sweet, would like to see a pic of the elektron HQ lunch jam area…


… I jam at my desk :tongue:


This arrived in work today.


Damn! I guess jamming at Elektron HQ is called research … Are you guys still recruiting? :slight_smile:


i need this mouse pad!


What poor box is being used as a lift for your MD? :frowning:

Foam yoga wedge matts werk PERFECT to angle em up :wink:


Another MD.

Uhh, well you see, I grabbed a non-uw first … so…


:open_mouth: poor thing


Economical too. :slight_smile:


Ihave my tickets Today Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming NYC) plays Live in my city CDMX for this womens day!!!

i share a video of her live setup with the Octatrack + Evolver + Blofeld in japan 2017.

Nice to see a Party with a Women Headliner Rocking Live with Elektrons!