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Been remastering lots of orphaned old tunes (mostly commissioned stuff) and putting them on Spotify etc.
It’s my first foray into self-publishing and I’m looking forward to digging through old HDs to find long-forgotten tracks in the hope that they’re enjoyable to someone out there in the big wide world.

Here’s a few I quite like:


I’m loving the perspective on this and I wish I had that view from my studio space!


I bought a used glockenspiel for some completely unknown reason…

Sampled it, ran it through the modular and some granular effects and this is what it turned into


…i just saw these pictures and The Cure were actually playing on the radio… :scream: :laughing:


don’t we all?!


Some guitar noodling through new Ultomaton software


my android keyboard :slight_smile:


Here is a jam I recorded using DT to sequence some of my machines. It’s a line level recording. Kinda chill. Enjoy!


i forgot how good this soundtrack is


Man, the Microwave 1 is such a cool sounding synth. The wavetables get such a cool texture going through the VCF/VCA. Sooo beefy.

If only someone could resurrect that idea in a compact modern package with a cool sequencer…:nerd_face::heart_eyes:


Here’s an excerpt from one of the tracks I’m working on at the moment.
Elektron machines only but post-processed in Live.


quick one take/one edit jam from the main outs of the RYTM mkl. has a bit of external eq and compression and then a touch of limiting in my DAW.


Wow, dope as hell.


this is great :slight_smile:


Nice! Really like the drums.


Nice chill, post rave IDM vibe going here.


Ah so that’s what it is :grinning:
I was wondering what a more specific genre it might be.

Thanks man.


Are the delays all RYTM based with plocks?


Analog, samples, or both?
I’ve never had my AR sound like that. :smiley: