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You AFX’s cousin?


This week’s workbench:


i don’t know.

yo rich, let’s do a 23andme


Nice! I used to play with this years ago but had forgotten it existed, cheers!


What gear did you use to make this? I like it.


What’s the modular stuff you got? Look’s really nice…


I think the Das Keyboard 4 for Mac is probably the easiest way to get close to that. There’s also the Model S if you want it slightly less fancy.

Or you can build your own, of course. :slight_smile:


I’m a huge fan of what these guys are doing with VR. Not sure if anybody here has ever played with an Oculus type setup, but they are extremely immersive and interactive. Their video editing and vfx are really great as well.


Ive got the green light for an ep on one of my favourite labels just the other day!

Monday is a public holiday so Im spending the long weekend editing and writing tracks… Here is a snip of one of the hardware jams that will be edited into one of the tracks for the ep…

Gear used

Avalon Bassline
DSI Prophet 6
Virus Polar




a Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus!


rytm, a4, digitone, moog minitaur and mother 32. thank you.


Been working on a Push based midi sequencer:

Will be fully functional in about 3 decades at my current pace :smile:


Nice, I need to check that out. Thanks.


New painting:)


Lovely work!




great thread, I very much flock to the forum over the music section, hope this thread lives on as a catch all !

I’d been using Processing for quite a while for some 3D visuals, but lately been in the mood for a new project which is more monochromatic.

some early tests here but basically I hacked these Framed art displays I bought, they’re supposed to be connected to a bespoke online art store, but I pulled the backs of em and found where I could jack in hdmi, bought a few dongles and voila, multi-screen av

I’m looking at exploring twin or tryptich versions, just very minimal type stuff. Hoping to sync it all up to Digitakt too

Jump to insta for this for one u can see what I mean


on another tangent, something I’m proud of I made about 10 years ago. nice long slow ambient trip space odyssey type thing I made in after effects and all the audios mine too. watch on a good Tv, good sound. cheers


That sounds really good. I have a Waldorf Blofeld that has retained some that typical PPG vibe, I think I should get the licence for the sample extension when I hear this. Thanks for sharing!