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Gosh, that makes me beyond jealous…
Here is the view from the office this afternoon:



I dunno. A rainy day and a K5000? Pretty nice picture, if you ask me.


I’ve totally neglected Alchemy since moving a lot of my production away from Logic, thanks for the reminder, that’s my evening sorted! :slight_smile:




Yesterday I arranged my new studio bench at home and today I am mixing a Jazz track for the first time in my studio. :grinning:


I thought that was a diptych at first glance :slight_smile:

Here’s one of my new paintings, what I do when I’m not usin me elektrons.


Picked up a Roland VP-03 Vocoder and started feeding it midi riffs and having the best time “singing”. Then brought in the Analog RYTM Mk2 and a bunch of ableton layers. This is definitely a departure from what I usually do but I had so much fun making it.



Dig it. Drums sound solid too.


Oh wow, love it!
This thread is the bessssst!!


Thank you!


Take a look Cecelia 5, which is free and does a lot of sound mangling, including cross synthesis. Rendering is still realtime though


Cecelia rocks.


wow is this forum alive or what :slight_smile:
we are still at it, third recording in three days, and after that a little pause. very proud of this one, I started partying with sounds like these and to be able to do it live is somehow a liberating experience.


What’s going on in there?


Haha thanks, i would prefer Kalashnikov :joy:


New mechanical keyboard I assembled today.


That’s rad. I would love a contemporary replacement of the beloved Apple Extended Keyboard II (AEKII, model M3501) that I used when the world wore baggy jeans and danced to bleepy beats.


Great thread!
I usually spend enough time already on the computer, but put some extra hours on photoshop to complete my first personal painting since ages. Learning and implementing 3D in my workflow, loads of fun


a little animation I made, with the sounds of the AK