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Made some evolving loops (filters/lfo stuff) in ableton of my mother into a sort of arrangement and played a drone along with it. Tryna get around only having one mother voice rn

Went a little crazy but some good textures

Listen to synthy by .kerrigan #np on #SoundCloud


90´s inspired acid techno track with vocals from a friend.


Well, slow day at the office, so… I made this. (;


So much cool stuff, this thread is the best!!

I recorded a lil video yesterday, Rytm MKI with only wavetables, no analog synthesis.

It also features a fun little visual program I wrote for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance a few years ago.


This sounds and looks awesome!

Also thanks @Nevets for that synth sample, definitely going to try something with it :slight_smile:

Here is my last attempt at generative music on the DT :

And I just made a carrot cake, it’s pretty good


That sounds like a healthy cake :carrot:

I will share some more bits and pieces, I’m surprised people like it haha.

Love that generative track btw. You got a nice vibe going on there. Digging it.

Been using loopback for some time as well, it opens up the box a lot. I secretly hope there will be a toggle in the settings to enable loopback without a cable :smiley:

Have you dabbled in controlling some lfo with another lfo thats controlled by another? I like doing this on the Monomachine. But that beast has 3 lfo’s per track. It’s very nice for subtle or not so subtle changes. Still the loopback gives us 8 more lfo’s and 8 more sequencer tracks we can chuck full of trigless-trigs. I also use the midi sequencer tracks to modify the global fx parameters and other things we can’t p-lock on the audio channels itself but are controllable by cc. I could rave on and on about this little box. I know bigger boxes can do more but there’s something about this form factor that just appeals to me on a level I can’t really explain. Conditional program changes are also so nice.

tl;dr loopback rocks :sunglasses:


I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits never gets old. Twitch is also a classic, Al with that Adrian Sherwood production was something so innovative at the time.

Geography-era Front 242 is my fave 80’s Wax Trax right now, listen to it all the time.


I look back very fondly at that era when Wax Trax had a deal with the PIAS (Play It Again Sam) label. Some of my favorite records from some of my favorite bands came out then - Neon Judgement, Legendary Pink Dots (of course!), Click Click (Rorschach Testing!), The Cassandra Complex - it was a wildly inventive time. I probably wouldn’t be doing what I do today were it not for some of those records.


Love this…

and the visuals are fantastic!

one question…I just inherited a Game Cube (now my friends know I like recycling old consoles for music they have just started putting theirs in the post to me) and have no idea what I am going to do with it as it seems a bit useless for music.

Is the Gamecube just an easy way to get the Gameboy Advance onto a screen here? (or is it just in shot and not doing anything?


Ahh Click Click… haven’t thought about them in awhile.

MBM’s 99% was on PIAS, one of my top 10 albums ever.


yeah i i never thought about loopback b4 when i hearda bout it i was like :open_mouth:


Fooling around with spectral morphing but not getting great results.
Anyone have much experience in this? Would love some tips.

There’s a couple of plugin from Zynaptic and MMelda that look good and fast to use but are quite pricey.
I’m using CDM Interface within Renoise which renders offline so takes a lot of experimentation.

Water + electricity (used in the WIP I posted above)

Dog + car + bear

Piano + voice


Yes, the Gamecube is running the Game Boy player software, which is running a cart with a program I wrote for GBA.
There are no tools for the Gamecube afaik… But if you pick up a Game Boy player it’s quite nice to run nanoloop on.


I think these sound pretty cool. I do a lot of this sort of thing, but I use Kyma for it, and that pretty much guarantees good results. I tend to enjoy the bits ‘between’ the two analyzed sounds - you can create some wild sounds that way.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with creating sample-chains for OT/DT using Kyma morphs, but thus far, I’ve only been goofing around. I think it’s worth exploring, though.


thanks, that’s what I thought - will have to pick up a player!


I’d love a Kyma system and the morphing’s the best I’ve heard but can’t spend the money especially as I’m moving around a lot these days so don’t have a stable studio set up.

Definitely an exciting area to explore, would love to hear some of the crazy timbres you’re making - I like the in between bits too but need a better interface to really get at them.


Make sure to get the disc with it, otherwise it won’t be able to run!


We’ll have a spectacular amount of key limes this year. :slight_smile:


There are plenty of other options besides Kyma. Additive re-synthesisers like Alchemy can do a decent job of morphing. Of course, any morphing system depends very much on the input samples/signals. The more disparate they are, the weirder the in-between textures will be which, depending on what you want, might be a good thing! Obviously single notes are easier to morph than a full musical passage or series of events, but both can produce interesting results.


demo track no editing, all recorded live, one take