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Yeeaah… But it’s the authentic vintage crunch that’s so appealing about the wave! Well, maybe I’ll look for a Microwave 1.


That’s true. For me too. A Microwave 1 will do the job. Also, there’s this, from PPG-expert Paula Maddox:

I’ve also gotten very good results from the Blacet Miniwave module through an analog signal path.


Duuuuude! That is crazy. And for the same price as a used Microwave… too bad it’s monophonic.


Yeah. I think it’s available as a kit for less money, as well.


Here’s a quick recording of a pattern from the Model:Samples using a wavetable created with the PPG Waveterm pictured above and sampled through the Wave 2.2. All of the sounds are made using the same wavetable loaded into five of the tracks, with the sixth track being an acoustic kick drum recorded into the Waveterm, and then sampled through the Wave 2.2. On some of the tracks, I P-locked the Model:Sample’s Sample Start to play different single-cycle waves from the wavetable on each step.


Good Vibes !


Awesome… nice Clock DVA vibes.


Thanks… that’s high praise!


did this demo yesterday evening, using nothing but Garageband on the ipad.
Bought so many apps to finally recognize how fun the free garageband is


This is lovely.


low res vid of test exploring Unity and audio stuff, the built in physics and doppler stuff is fun.
don’t mention the clicks, polyphony on a game object requires instantiating the audiosource i think, still early days for me and C#


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:




EQ-ing the audio of a video I made around Christmas so that it sits nicely below the voiceover of a video I made about a video platform we made.

Here’s the original Christmas video:

EDIT: And the video I made about the video platform we made is now finally done and up at the video platform we made: (it was a long day today…)


Very nice contributions in here. I’ll run out of likes so just assume I liked your post :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

Here’s a little chord progression I was messing around with. Feel free to use and/or abuse


I just posted this in the “Share Your Tunes” thread but this is the best thing I have to share today, so… here’s a new track I made using only the Novation Peak (well, with some sampling and sequencing of drum sounds from the Peak on my Digitakt):


Nice reminder to open Garageband again! I especially like messing with the world instruments.


Just released a new album this morning. This is the second most experimental track on there (and is much easier to explain than the first). Basically, this was me trying to force myself to spend time with the A4 (only neglected to me having more gear than ideas these days) and with my minimal set of eurorack stuff. Actually it really started as an experiment with using the A4 to sequence and provide envelopes for the Bastl Kastle 1.5 (using the ‘external oscillator’ recipe from the manual). Later expanded to include using the Make Noise Telharmonic and Pittsburgh Modulator Generator (+expander) oscillators. It’s a couple of different takes, joined together. All A4 and those external oscillators. A really fun setup.


me too


Do you have the tempo for this?