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Made a vocal track using a friends vocal sample he sent me. Where aiming for a house track but ended up with like a sexy electro feeling…? You tell me.


Playing around with an 808 kit on my TR-8S and the TB-3, trying to create more with less.
Two tracks and some effects for a broader picture.
Less is more, etc…


I’m gonna share all my Renoise instruments:

Have fun.


playing with my stuff on a little acid


Minimal acid on the Pocket Operator Modular :smiley: Uses sine swept by envelope for kick, bit of filter and VCO FM from square.


Analog Four Mk1 PWM Wave for Ableton Wavetable, monomachine…


editing the video to the jam we recorded yesterday. acoustic triggers and pads trigger the AR, i do some modulating, sequences tweaking, singing and dancing.


very cool stuff here! Blown away by this.




Track I’ve been playing out live. First recording I’ve made with Overbridge. 100% Digitakt.


Been working on some Drum n Bass / Jungle type stuff recently. Never done it before, so I’m making a quick side project for the next month or so. Enjoy!


Axoloti patch for DAWless Magic Tone Network layout on Launchpad Pro.

Magic Tone Network explained here:

patch is here:
launchpadPro_magicToneNetwork_20180821_final_beta.axp (101.4 KB)


Very convincing.


Agreed. I’ve been working with wavetable-based synths for 35 years, and this has exactly the sound that makes them so appealing to me.


Damnit Scot. STOP! My GAS can only get so bad.

Oh and thanks, I’ll keep exploring this a bit… Hope to share a bunch of wavetables soon.


There’s always Audioterm… or even Waveterm C+WaveSim:
(the demo version of WaveSim and Waveterm C work just like a real Waveterm and PPG Wave combo. There’s also a non-demo free WaveSim VST)

Lots cheaper (well, free) and less maintenance!


Dem disks tho…


I live in fear of the day that those drives give out. Working 8" floppy drives are hard enough to come by, but PPG used a drive type that was not… standardized.:thinking:


Here’s a “thing”.

I have now managed to get this circuit onto a bit of stripboard, so later I need to cover it in some heatshrink to finish it off.

it’s a little USB MIDI host, so I can control my Digitakt with a MIDI fighter twister without needing a laptop onstage…
Hopefully should mean I can kinda do some basic dub mixing with just those two things by punching channels and effects in and out with the Twister.

using this for anyone interested


This is awesome.