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The tempo was in my head playing it. The last bit is a bit off but I like to roll with it and chop it up anyways :smile:


Gonna have to tempo match by ear, no problem! Thanks


Single cycles can really make the Digitakt shine. I’m using a top secret free tool to make my own single cycles with. It’s awesome.

This is 1 single cycle waveform loaded on a few tracks on the Digitakt. Hours of fun (for me, not my neighbours perse). Will try some of your fancy (lfo) tricks soon too, thanks! :heat:


@Nevets This is beautiful…


Nice! Reminds me of a thing I did in Unity a few years ago
Ahh, Unity for A/V stuff is so much fun, wish I had the time for it now…


Just finished this the other night. My boy makes Super Smash Bros videos and wanted a beat to go along with his video, so I made this by sampling the SMB Overworld Theme.

I usually don’t like to make trap beats very often but it’s fitting for his demographic and it came out in a very interesting way.


Learning the Octatrack and Deckards at the same time


spent best part of the day in the studio. playing, recording and video editing
here’s a little tribute


if anyone wants to get into eurorack


Ive been fighting with a 3rd party software who’s API sucks - trying to move about 16million records of data. Not fun LOL yay ssis


I’ve been making patches on the Peak on and off for weeks now. Lots of percussion (full TR-x0x type kits etc - three tuned square waves plus noise gets some pretty good hihats) but also pads, keys, monosynth sounds, etc.

Most recently have been coming up with some arp sounds, adding the internal fx, and anything I like I record into my phone (using a Roland Go:Mixer) for future reference.

Here’s an example that’s a link because I can’t get it to embed properly.


A4 and AR control each others performance macros via midi - this way they feel even more like one to me :slight_smile:


Garageband is amazing. I use it for getting ideas down all the time, it’s so fast.

Also, the default 808 kit actually kind of slaps.


yeah perfect workflow for me. really fun. and the first ios piano roll I can handle


Wow! Quite inspiring to see all of this unfold just within the past day or so. I’ve been sick at home these past few days but when I recover I’ll be sure to try to get more stuff done. Planning for a new gig with PO-3x series units and a delay pedal, need to get cracking with it!



lots of nice things to watch and listen to :slight_smile:


Reminds me of -


That album has always been near the top of my list of “greatest album titles ever” (right after Cassandra Complex’s Satan, Bugs Bunny, and Me).

I have to admit to being a bit of a sucker for that kind of sound - and I still listen to plenty of 80s Wax Trax - Ministry’s Twitch and the first couple of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult records still get played quite a bit in my household.


More eurorack on Kickstarter


Some force here but no Akai :smiley: