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Rub it in why don’t cha… :smile:
It’s actually starting to nice here in NorCal too in the daytime, but still frost in the morning, and it’s possible to snow again up until May… :slight_smile:

This time of year is interesting at mid elevation over here, any day it could snow or be in the upper 60’s, like a tug of war. We can drive down elevation to spring or drive up to winter…


That would be frozen shoreline in New York, close to Lake Placid. :grinning:


Oh yeah, maybe I should look closer before I post, wear my glasses, or sleep more or something… Haha! :joy:
There was a lot of light shining on my IPad and it just looked like a nice beach view!


Lots of great stuff posted! Thanks, everyone who shared!

Instead of making electronic music, I’ve been spending more time recording responses to jam track challenge threads. My playing is terrible - and “I don’t know how to play country” or “I’m not a smooth jazz player” are not legit excuses - so I’ll probably delete these soon to make room on Soundcloud.


Good god. First sound I’ve made with the Digitone and it’s already love.


Here’s a Chicago footwork jam session I did on the Digitakt yesterday, recorded in a single take and track to Ableton - just messing around with track mutes and switching patterns on the fly. In the future I hope to be able to mess with filters, pitch, reverbs, etc. as I play - but my feeble brain isn’t quite there yet :smiley:


Checkin out some old cuts, only got access to a handful so the pickins were slim, but here ya go. One from the vault, pre Elektron days, Moog, Mainstage, Ipad… No editing stereo jam record… I think I just hit record in the middle of a jam as it starts abruptly…

Hahahahah… :rofl:


Here’s one with guitar… From one of only 2 live gigs I did with the old Mainstage looping rig besides house parties. Pretty repetitive background and shabby drumz, that’s why I got OT+AR eventually! :smiley:



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An a4mkii exercise: i wanted to try recreating deadmau5’s cthulhu sleeps as closely as possible.

Spent a couple hours on it today; only using 3 tracks on the a4 so far.

Recorded straight from the output:

the a4 is crazy powerful for drums.
The main synth line, real tough getting that to sound like the original. Not enough fuzz to the overdrive… (Could probably get a lot closer using two channels, the second for extra filtering/overdrive)

might continue this sometime.


I thought I’ll record todays explorations with the digitakt. :stuck_out_tongue:
experiments with faster 2step pattern using TRK-All /Ctrl-All feature
Going downtempo at the end of part 2


Yesterday, I went to a gig in Tokyo. I mainly went to meet 2 dudes I’ve been speaking with recently - Downstate and Sleepdealer. They both played live sets. It was terrific. Being 36, I don’t venture out much but I did and what I really liked was the time 6-12! I had a pocket of time after work and before the gig so I went home to make something in the dope lofi vain of Sleepdealer but it ended up sounding more like the synth based epic styled tunes of Downstate. Weird huh

So glad I went out to meet new people. Awesome dudes! Can’t wait to jam with them!


Here’s a set of model:samples noodles I have been working on:


Getting acquainted with the Digitakt and Korg Monologue:


Upcoming ep for Street Life Rhythm.


Threw this somewhat janky thing together today… found this pretty fun animation program for android called Pixel Studio. Pretty worth while if you have anything with a stylus.


Moved in to a house and I decided to build a custom desk to host both home office space and my music fiddling space. There is room for 5x 19" 4U racks under the shelf as the desk is 3.5 meters wide. Below the desk is a ton if closed storage and room for hidden cable mess. There is still some work to do on this but I’m pretty happy so far! Now I just need to figure out a inspiring and flexible workflow for everything.


Back from Austria yesterday morning, a major plane malfunction got me stuck for the day at Amsterdam. Today I was sent to Lyon, so that I can catch a flight back to Rennes.
Icing on the cake: my checked-in luggage was lost.



And we’re back from New York.

Sorry to hear it @LyingDalai. I hate flying nowadays. Our flight was canceled too so we got home a day late. Hopefully they’ll locate your luggage.