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There was a guy posting here I forget what thread it was in, but he worked or currently works for an international airline and had some insider knowledge behind some of the processes, if I remember he talked about baggage compensation.

Sorry your day ended like that dude. But hey, could have been worse


Helping out at a local studio today, this is what I’m dealing with… Untangling, wrapping…


It’s probably going to take me hours… :rofl:

Tonight I help do sound at a local Magic and Cabaret show…
Should be quite the vibe change!


They double booked the sound and the other guy got it…
No Magic Cabaret, just a mess of cables… :joy:
Oh well, it’s sunny and nice out and there’s a bunch of synths and other gear I can mess around with later… :slight_smile:


Nope. I had it in my back, very fortunately : I made a few patterns during the waiting, have to create a track out of this !

I should get 250€ from the airline for the delay, and I don’t know how much for the luggage.
I spent most of the evening doing the paperwork.


Sorry LD… Bummer…


Man that looks gorgeously tropical… :rofl:


This is the teaser for a short film I’ve been working on for a screening at The Chaos Party at It’s Her Factory at The Victoria, London E17 next week.

The film is somewhat abstract, and was made with the aid of a Critter & Guitarri Videoscope, a Volca Modular run through a Bastl Thyme and whole lot of editing - full version to follow after the screening.




short teaser/promo I’m making lately featuring octatrack live rec and some vjing done with resolume and old clips


Spent some time with this yesterday… dream car.


Super quick jam of me messing around with the Novation Bass Station II’s sequencer here, with a little Digitone and Machinedrum. BS II running through Alesis Quadraverb.

This was more a first attempt at trying to do the birds eye view YouTube jam videos. The stand I purchased likes to sway a lot, like it’s jamming too, hah. Music was put together hastily to say the least.


Nice. How was it? Did you purchase it yet?


Hahaha yeah right. The carbon fiber options alone on this NSX cost more than any car I’ve ever owned!

I’ve been interested in “exotic” cars since I was a teenager and its cool to experience them in person when I have a chance… luckily my best friend is an automotive journalist so there’s been a few notable ones over the years. The NSX was up there with the GTR and ZR-1 for me.


Nice, that’s a dream day job right there.


Drooool. I grew up building model kits of Universal movie monsters and Star Trek ships. When I wasn’t building those, I was often building models of Stingrays, Chevelles, and El Caminos. I’ve owned the latter two (still have an 86 El Camino), but pretty decided decided against the former when I reached 50 and my hair began to thin. There was, however, a period of about a week when i considered selling my VCS3 to purchase a beautiful copper '72 T-top Stingray that was for sale locally. But man, I’d love to take a ZR-1 around the block a few times…


I know a guy with a 488GTB but I haven’t been able to convince him to take me for a drive. :sob: I totally get the attraction.


They’re scary as shit. At least the C6 version. Anything past half throttle and it wanted to drive you into a ditch… too much power even for the massive 345’s or whatever they were on there.


Oh and in the 80s I built a diorama featuring a Tamiya Audi Quattro GT… dirt road and everything.


Those are beautiful. I think the NSX is the first Japanese car to have that kind of hypercar vibe, except maybe the LF-A.

Back in the 80s this was an exotic to me, haha…


I should dig up some of the pictures I’ve taken of interesting cars over the years. I think my favorite was probably the Bugatti Type 35. The owner started it up for us. All I can say is the details on that old race car were simply stunning. Engine turned firewall and dash board, Jaeger-LeCoultre gauges, leather straps and twisted wire holding down the body panels, etc. Amazing.

In the mid 80s I had an RC version of that Renault.