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Dig It on acid.


My latest jamtrack…


Was heavy metal for me! I used to be able to play at least a riff from every Metallica song… Haha
Times have changed though…


Returned home to this! The weekend can hurry up now please.


All my new items usually show up while I’m at work. The rest of the day is torture, I don’t pay attention to my work, and then the icing is that usually once I do get home I only have time to open the box before doing something else unrelated.


All of this.




Count me in if you’re gonna do Ein Stuhl in Der Holle and I’ll grab my broom stick.


Desk is getting a little tight!!


Deckard’s Dream – very nice!


Yep, it’s so good. That and the Two Voice were holy grail purchases. I had to sell near enough everything that wasn’t nailed down to fund them, but I’m happy I did. Both are a little quirky too, but I’ll forgive them the odd shag-out because they sound so great.


One day for me, maybe, need to buy a new house first! (or maybe the Xerxes, that is also sounding pretty sweet – I’ll need to see when it comes out).


A friend of mine tried both the Xerxes and the Kijimi at NAMM this year, and was most impressed by the Kijimi. Would love to play one myself. All spent out now though! may tentatively save for an A4, but beyond that i’m out.


Switch out the OT for a DT and that’s pretty much my dream studio right there.


I mean I’m pretty new here, but isn’t that blasphemy? :grin:


Not for a lot of us, haha


I only bought the Octatrack in January, but I’m really growing to love it. For my purposes, I need the Arranger functionality, and it’s the central brain for our live set up, both in terms of sample playback and MIDI controlling the live synths.


And you get real-time sampling / mangling, as well as plenty of FX… I like OT better but I understand one could prefer DT


For me, the Octatrack is not only my favorite Elektron device, it’s also my favorite sampler… ever. Yet, the Digitakt has gotten used a lot more in the last year, mainly because of time constraints, sometimes because I love its sound. I see the Octatrack as a deep, involving epic, while the Digitakt is a great short story. Both fulfill specific needs and realize specific inspirations I might have, and both make specific demands from me as the user. One takes time to develop the characters, showing you all of their quirks and qualities, while the other gets right to the point of the story.

The Model:Samples? That one is a rock 'em sock 'em comic book, full of instant action and quick colorful images.


Ahh yes, spring break for a Floridian.