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Crunchie :+1:t5:


Yes! I love the RYTM delay. It’s almost as crazy as the MD delay. I had the lfo dedicated to modulating the delay time a subtle amount and then had some plocks on it. Manual tweaking at the end.


Both. Kick is analog with a ride cymbal layered over it. Snare is a sample pitched down and layered with a noise machine. Clap is analog, shaker is analog, hat is analog. Then two tracks with samples for some percussion. Two dual vco machines, three tracks with some Monomachine bass samples. I used a bit of distortion on the master, but most of the crunch is on a per track basis with the channel overdrive. Used a really nice signal path through outboard eq and compression from the main stereo outs, but otherwise all internal processing.


Kinda reminds me of one of my old favorites:


Huuuuge thanks on that. Long time Puppy fan


I was thinking the same thing.


Thanks for the deats…


also, funny that you mention that, because it actually started out as a cover of Assimilate before I decided to do my own thing with the groove and sounds once I got to the point of progressing past the first pattern :space_invader:


Funny how many nauts are old school industrial fans.

Recorded just about 22 years ago (4/20/97) to tape deck. Korg 770, SCI Pro-One, TR-808, bass guitar and acid. Lots of acid. Recorded live, improv style, full on noisy and ridiculous.

The other funny tidbit about this, it was the first time the 3 of us had ever jammed together. It was an introduction, essentially, on acid, with Manson on vocals. :rofl::smiling_imp:

Here’s a studio recording from the same general time frame, this one from 1999. Juno-106, MKS-30, MKS-7, VP-330 and ASR-X.


I’ve noticed that too.
Sick jam! I love the processing on the 808. Sounds like Pro one is used to process samples as well as make sounds?
Here’s a cover I did of a Neubauten track with a friend a while back. Everything other than the vocals and sax are from the Rytm and Takt


Dude. This is an intense Einstürzende cover (referring to Yü Gung). DAMN. Great job, brother. Maybe we can get the industrial fans here together and do some remixes or collabs.

LOL. Yeah we live patched inputs. The 770 and Pro-One both have filter inputs. The Pro-One distorted 808 BDs are instantly recognizable and you hear it all over the Brap era Skinny Puppy releases. The 770 does the parallel filter and ring mod stuff.


this is dope


My favorite Neubauten track and you’ve done it justice and then some. I am quickly becoming a fan.


Today I installed a modification kit for my VCS3 from It allows the Trapezoid modulation output to be inverted (normally, the Trapezoid goes negative when on and positive when off - this makes it a bit difficult to get snappy sounds). It was an easy mod and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s still an EMS - and therefore quite unusual - and that Trapezoidal envelope is always going to provide a unique patching experience. Still, this modification provides even more possibilities. I still have plenty of work to do on my VCS3 - including another set of mods and some minor restoration. Nevertheless, the old dear is ready for some cosmic tripping.


I imagine them beating the AR and DT with spanners and the kangencrusher :rofl:
Great rendition though.


When i was 16 it was punk or nothing, i played power chords on a sg copy through distortion pedals, then ministry, skinny puppy, nin, front 242, KMFDM, rev co came onto my radar and blam…a boss dr660 through a distortion pedal was all i could think about…i would listen to that for days on end… thats how my fascination with electronic gear and music started…industrial…haha…its all down hill from there…



Gorgeous. What is the location of the mountain range? The sphere pic is ready to be an album cover.


Really love these and the forest pictures you posted earlier in the thread.


I’m currently in the lovely city of Innsbruck, Austria…
And yes, I should make the synthwave album this sphere picture deserves !!

The two pictures, taken on the same day, somehow complete each other, I found.

Above forest pictures are from my home town, Rennes, France.