SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload



  • go to sample manager: GLOBAL > SAMPLES.
  • press left arrow key, select VIEW RAM.
  • select sample(s) to unload, using yes button.
  • hit right arrow, select UNLOAD.


The app is launching and number slots shows! I have tried to restart the rytm, but nothing. It says analog rytm not connected


what happens if you launch c6?
in c6, go to config. does the Rytm show up in the list of inputs/outputs?


Yes, it says -USB midi unit- and has worked to transfer updates and sounds to the rytm. It should Say Analog rytm as my Analog keys does. Maybe thats something?


yep, I think that’s the problem - SDS Drop tries to connect to a device which has “Rytm” in the MIDI endpoint name.

maybe you have some 3rd party MIDI drivers installed which can mess this up?
maybe it’s Overbridge-related? do you have the latest Overbridge drivers installed?

here’s a small application which simply lists connected devices:

please connect your Rytm and run this. there’s a window with text, please select & copy all text. then send the results to


Thanks, I will do this and send a report. I will get back to you! Yes I have updated overbridge.


Amazing app ! Thanks a lot for that, Void. I used to be lazy with sample import because of how annoying it was. Now it’s only a bit slow, but much more convenient !

Great job

  • There are options for transforming the sample name, also in Preferences.

Does this mean on transfer, or I can edit names in the +drive?


that’s before transfer. There’s an option to remove the file extension, make the name UPPERCASE, and limit the number of characters.

afaik there is no possibility to access the +drive directly…


Being able to handle sequencer/sample content with a computer would be lovely, it seems near impossible to splice sequences from two different +drive projects into a third, combined project.


Feature idea:

(forgive me if this has already been requested/mentioned)

Option to pitch up (and therefore shorten/reduce file size of) samples prior to import.

This is, of course, an old sampler trick to get more sample time within the constraints of a sampler’s memory.

64MB is quite a lot of RAM, but for folks using more loops and longer samples, this would be a great option to squeeze in even more sample time into that project.

If possible, also set down the corresponding sample tune parameter on the sample page where the sample is dropped, so that it is played back at the slower speed, so that it sounds as it did prior to import (except a little more lofi due to the reduced sample rate)


So I have both SDS on Mac and Strom on iPad. Am I right in my understanding that both work directly over a USB connection directly to the AR? So the only way to use both is to keep swapping the USB cable between my mac and my iPad (connection kit)? I was hoping for network midi from Strom, but don’t think its there in this app…right?

whats the most elegant solution for using both without cable swapping all the time?

If I’m missing the obvious, I apologize in advance!

Thank you!


If only Elektron have secretly put a hidden wifi module in Rytm


@AdamJay that’s a cool idea! effectively cutting samplerate in half. think I gonna do it. anything which cuts down on transfer times & memory usage is a big plus… adjusting sample pitch on the machine is no problem.

@RonF yea wireless Strom would be very cool indeed. :slight_smile:
I’ve tried using Strom with OSX’s built in Network-MIDI thing and it was very unreliable. Basically every time I tried to use some third-party MIDI solution for anything, I quickly realized that they totally aren’t made for the kind of “heavy” sysex transfers that are the basis of Strom. This is the reason why I don’t support any 3rd party MIDI interface in Strom: some of them (probably most) have some stupid arbitrary limit on sysex message size, so they simply won’t work. Could be that the newer bluetooth-MIDI does a better job, but my computer doesn’t support it (bluetooth hardware too old).

But, I could write a simple server running on a Mac (which has the Rytm connected, Overbridge running etc.) which communicates with Strom on iPad via TCP/LAN. But I’ll need to roll my own protocol for this, so it’s not super trivial I think.


Even if that’d result in a paid update everyone would be ecstatic


ya… I guess you people want to use Strom/Overbridge simultaneously amiright?


yeahyouright. =)


Yes exactly… I’d PAY for a solution to use my Mac and Strom simultaneously w AR. Getting the random pattern/kit functions of Strom working at once with OB/SDS/Live…would take things to a level that Elekton never imagined w the AR. This constant cable swapping is an inspiration killer.

Seems to me that a wireless protocol, while it would be nice, is not essential. Why couldn’t both the AR and the iPad be connected via USB OR MIDI to the Mac…then do the midi routing to connect the AR and Strom via Ableton, or MidiPatchbay? I think you could route two apps to one device (AR) this way…No? But Strom needs some midi connectivity preferences. Where we can set the ports I/O.

In any event, this would take Strom and AR to amazingly new heights IMHO.

Thanks for considering!


Hey void,
Would be possible to select the upload folder from sds drop?
That would make it easier to stay organized. Or maybe even preferences where one could define where certain samples go. For example samples dropped on bd always go to a kick folder, dropped on sd always go to snare folder etc.
I have no idea if this is technically doable or how much work it would be but it would certainly be a real help keeping the library clean.

Sds drop is awesome btw!


thanks - I’ve experimented with this, it was somewhat possible, but it was a very ugly hacky hack. basically if you included slashes in the filename, you could create folder on the Rytm. but, asked & got feedback from Elektron HQ that this is not officially supported, probably isn’t possible anymore with current OS.

full +drive access would of course be cool. But I guess they will implement full sample management in OB at some point (which will make SDS Drop obsolete), so personally I’m not counting on improvements to SDS/sysex sample transfer in the Rytm OS…