SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


Purchased yesterday, working well, thanks void (again)

If only I could get overbridge working in logic that would be the cherry on the cake!


1 - Is it possible to enable “copy and paste” function for the custom prefixe?
2 - Would be great to add tags to the samples before sending them.
3- How many samples i can drop and send at once?
4 - Is it possible to enable the turbo speed option from AR midi config menu?

Thanks for you great tool, i spend the night trying to send a large amont of samples via c6, it didn’t work. Really happy to found your app.


hey, thanks! :slight_smile:

1 - certainly! not sure why this doesn’t work now. I’ve removed the OS X “Edit” menu from the app, this also removed the copy/paste/select-all etc. keyboard shortcuts… will fix. you can still copy/paste with the right-click context menu…

2 - you mean tags for the sounds in the tracks in which the samples are dropped? nice idea… gotta see about that, requires extra UI and I don’t want to make things more complicated to use for users…

3 - there’s no limit in the app. but, I would advise not to send too many at once. If a transfer fails, which can happen for whatever reason, it’s easier to figure out what went wrong if you have a smaller amount of samples to sift through. I recommend to create individual subfolders in your Rytm +drive for smaller groups of samples, before each bulk transfer…

4 - no need for that with USB, AFAIK.


Thanks for your answers!!!

SDS drop say in the bottom left (in red) “no response” but everything work, except i always end up after any sending to this:

The last one but not least,

Any ideas what is about and how to avoid them?
I’m on mac os 10.10.4, last os version for OB&AR, OB mode is disable, input and output from usb on my AR.


odd, shouldn’t happen.

the “no response” & timeouts mean the rytm doesn’t respond to certain requests properly. this stuff is usually quite reliable, but lately I’ve seen it acting up occasionally, though only in OB mode, not in normal USB mode… could be that the new Rytm OS is a bit more fiddly, gotta investigate…


Funny enough I NEED to be on OVERBRIDGE mode for this to work. When I set to usb midi, it fails to connect?


Nice, i just bought it! Very fast workflow! Uow!


Thank you so much for making this. CS6 just kept crashing and crashing for me. Have been using it on my mac for about 2.5 years. Once in a blue moon I might be able to transfer all my samples/files with no issues or crashes, but something like 70% of the time, CS6 would crap out. So frustrating.

SDS Drop seems to be the transfer app Elektron should have made. Fast, stable, and convenient. No issues whatsoever here.


:thup: :elan: :happy:


heh thanks for reminding me :content:
currently doing STROM things & the wireless integration… going pretty well but still needs some works. this downsampling should also make it into the coming update(s)


I would think options for 32khz and 24khz (2/3 and 1/2 sample rates, respectively) would suffice. :totes:


32kHz! I need some 32kHz in my life :smile_cat:


Any plans for making a PC version for us regular joes?


It’s hard to believe there was once a time without probability trigs, Overbridge and, best of all SDS DROP!

Still great.


Could you please include a phase inversion option on a future version. I love this app to death but I’d like to be able to flip some of the kick samples against the internal synth and I need a way to do it… Cheers! Paul


Void, any chance of a 10.8 or earlier compatibility please?


I’m sure this has already been discussed but there’s a lot of messages to scroll through. Does this work when in Overbridge mode? Or does it have to be in USB mode?


It was updated to work when in Overbridge mode. Good to go with the latest version.


Don’t even think about it BUY IT !!!


Hey, you Paul G from GS? I read something about you getting a Rytm. Love your free drum samples man!