SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


Ok, understood :slight_smile:


@VOID you´re amazing. posted it on my channels. thank you


Hey Void,

Is there a manual or some guide lines for SDS Drop? I’ve been using it for a while as a sample drag and drop, but I don’t really know what say clicking the “project” button does.
Mainly, I feel I might be missing out on some cool feature I don’t know about.



don’t worry, not missing much, the main thing is to drop samples to pads :slight_smile:

The PRJ button could be confusing I guess - if you bulk-drop multiple samples at a time to the app, they can not be assigned to a pad/track (logically). So the PRJ button tells the app how it should handle bulk-drops: either load them to the project (useful in most cases), or not (like c6 - gotta load them from the +drive manually after transfer).

the 4 buttons at the top are shortcuts for some useful preferences.
If you open the app preferences (CMD+comma), it’s the four items in General & Conversion. There’s a bit of explanation there.

also there are tooltips if you hover over the buttons in the main window (should you ever forget…)


SDS question:

When I updated my Korg Monotribe, I noticed this warning on the site…

It says “Do not playback the system update file on ANY speaker or headphone…”

BUT… i’m really tempted to throw it into Rytm with SDS.


Is this a terrible idea or will magic unfurl?

Also, I just got my Rytm back from the repair shop in L.A.

I should probably be more careful… but I want to know what this update file sounds like translated to Rytm!!!


do it. :+1:
(but start with a low volume to be safe)


Weekend Sale!

SDS Drop is 50% off until Sunday. :heart:

(Not on my Mac right now, probably takes a bit until the discounted price shows up)

Pls share etc…


and the sale is on!

not that i don’t want to support void, as i’m about to pull the trigger, but i’m curious if elektron will release something similar since there have been talks of dropping c6.


don’t fight the void!


no doubt they’ll improve sample management in the future, but I don’t think it’s going to happen soon (my guess is as good as yours). Just thought I’d drop the price for a few days to see what happens :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for the kind drop in price! Looking forward to messing with it this weekend.




damn it! i just picked it up last week… still worth it.



please note that the new Rytm OS 1.30 is not compatible with SDS Drop 1.0.5 or lower.
Also, the just released SDS Drop version 1.0.6 is not compatible with Rytm OS lower than 1.30.

Update SDS Drop to 1.0.6 from the Mac App Store (released now, might take a bit to roll out)
And update your Rytm to OS 1.30.


void that was super quick, thanks a lot! is strom still compatible?


yeah had some good beta time to adjust for this :wink:

Strom pattern/kit mangling is currently broken, but an update is on the way - didn’t make it in time… hopefully will be ready next week. sample transfer with Strom should still work though.


finally used for the first time yesterday. Worked great!
Just needed 10mins for 3,5mb samplechain, but that´s okay when you can play for hours afterwards. And to put a 60 slices samplechain with snares into a sample machine and play around with start and end and filter and fx … well … you know :wink:

Now time to find out how to free the sample slots :slight_smile:


Hello Void, It seems that I can´t use SDS drop for my rytm. I´ve done everything that should do, updated, transfer via USB connection. What should I do more? Great product by the way!


need more details:

does the app launch?
does it show the number of available sample slots?

sometimes the sysex/midi communication in the rytm dies, restarting the rytm usually fixes things…


Heaven is a place where SDS Drop 1.0.6, Rytm OS 1.30, and OB 1.10 are all living together.

Life is good.