SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload

SDS Drop for Mac is a better way to get samples into your Rytm.

Drag & Drop your samples directly to the pads, and that’s it.
It’s twice as fast as c6.

also, batch transfer.

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current version: 1.0.6
note that you need to update your Rytm to OS 1.30 to use it with the app.

non-obvious features:

  • Works with non-audio files, produces all kinds of noise. definitely try this, and experiment with different file types!
  • Interface colors can be tweaked. Check out the Preferences (CMD+COMMA)
  • There are options for transforming the sample name, also in Preferences.
  • click on the pads to send MIDI notes to your Rytm.

known issues:
Preferences are wonky on Mavericks

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Support Page


what folder is the sample uploaded to?? the last chosen destination or ???

appears to be last chosen destination.

Thanks, void!
Easiest $9.99 I have spent in a very long time. :+1:

easypeasy - now it just needs to spread :slight_smile:

if you guys like it, please consider sharing it via your social channels.
Also, rate & review in the App Store does massively help - so if you take a minute doing this, would be really cool! thank you.


yep - same behaviour as c6 with regards to the +Drive.

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Love that it has sample conversion built in.
Makes it very care-free.

And that you can import video files, and it extracts the audio from the file.
Just, brilliant!


Thats pretty sweet! Nice one Void!

When the app converts the sample, does it do so as good as any other program? Such as a DAW?

Definitely! Quite a few times I’ve found myself in a position where I’d like to use a sample from my computer, but don’t as I haven’t converted that group of samples yet.

^ yes.

I just use Apple’s Core Audio library for that - and I guess a lot of DAWs and other tools rely on the same library. What this doesn’t do is dithering:

If you are super concerned about audio quality, convert to 48kHz/16bit mono with a tool of your choice. Or try out some files, check if you can hear a difference between converting manually & sending with c6 vs converting & sending with SDS Drop.

ah btw: with multichannel files, the app takes the first channel (left channel in a stereo file).

downloaded, tested, great !

i wonder why elektron didn’t think of adding to rytm’s support something so simple and useful !

Anyway thanx void (it s written on my 10 euros)

entered the void - sold! :slight_smile:

Just bought it. Great work!!!

Are you serious? I can now play my cat photos on my Rytm? This is amazing. You are a hero.

thanks - yes, cat photos work. :slight_smile:
what I’ve found so far is that compressed file formats, such as ZIP, PNG, JPG etc. are mostly uniform noise, because well, any interesting byte patterns are compressed out of them…

uncompressed image formats, e.g. TIFF image files are pretty cool.

try this one:

MIDI files - cool.
Photoshop PSDs, pretty cool.
Safari Browser Cache - instant Raster Noton :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lots of folks on FB not reading the support link or not realizing that you need to turn off Overbridge USB mode in the Global/System/USB Config.

Might want to make earlier mention of that, perhaps on the app/product page.

thanks, good call - it’s supposed to show an error message when the connection breaks due to that.
edit: wow, that Facebook thread is taking off - thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Awesome!! :+1:
Void 2016!!! President!


Looking forward to using. Just got it from the iTunes store. I am not in over bridge mode. Neither mp3s nor wavs load. They cause a crash of SDS Drop or else one of two windows pop up, the first saying I have no free sample slots (there are 127 free sample slots in this project) and the second saying to make sure I’m not in overbridge mode. Hmmm.

Edit: Both SDS and Rytm have been rebooted and macbook restarted. Still same issue.

what’s your OSX version? probably 10.9.x

there’s probably a rogue API call somewhere which isn’t available on Mavericks.

10.9.5 is me.