SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


this is worth it for the url drop alone, sounds mental! is particularly brutal. no wonder it always crashes safari.



1.0.5 is up

in other news, soon:


bravo !



cool boy


Really? IN!


it’s an extension for Strom… so you can send to the pads, like with SDS Drop, from any app which can share files or URLs :joy:


AudioFinder’s audio editor can place makers then export those slices.

Audiofile Engineering’s LoopEditor also has slice detection and export via slices. (although it doesn’t always find the exact resolution I want). With both apps I usually always end up slicing by hand.

Both of these have working demos so you can try em out.

Thanks, going to try them both out!!!



…iam in Love with my Ipad mini 3 (wifi and LTE) (155,-€) like new…boom


so - working fine for everyone I assume?

please do leave a short review on the App Store :smiley:


finally got on board with this over the weekend : stunning work Void - thanks so much for doing what Elektron haven’t :wink:

Dealing with samples on the AR is now a pleasure, not a chore.

I’m off to write a glowing review on the App store :slight_smile:


Any plans on a PC version ?
It looks awesome and i’m drooling at the thought of being able to use it.



great product. does exactly what is says on the tin. i’m finding transfer is slow though, guessing that has something to do with my RTYM’s settings?.


thanks! :joy:

it is possible that it’s your settings. On your Rytm, in Global > Midi Port Config:

If Midi in/out is set to USB+MIDI, try setting both to USB.

But, transfer in general is slow compared to normal USB file transfers because it happens via the MIDI SDS protocol, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that, going as fast as the Rytm allows…

If you are using files which are lower than 48kHz sample rate, if you uncheck the “48k” button in the app, it will send the original file, without up-sampling before transfer, this will also increase transfer speed.

@ ianthemaddj - sorry, no plans for that… I made a poll recently, apparently the majority of people around here are using OS X, porting the app to Windows would not be worth the hassle for me…


Still, way faster than C6! :+1:


Holy cow! I just bought this! This is amazing! A shame I waited so long to purchase it! It’s so much more intuitive and quicker than c6! Thank you so much, Void! 100% worth it!


+1 For PC version… pretty please!!

I think a lot of us missed the poll hehehe…

Really looks like an amazing feature and props anyways… here’s hoping!


yea I guess it’s possible that the poll was biased/skewed somehow, but it’s the only evidence I have and the result was really striking: 80% OS X users paint a clear picture.

If you then take into account that I would have to rewrite & test everything on/for a platform I personally don’t use and see no future in, which apparently has pretty unreliable USB-MIDI OS support, where the Store system is dysfunctional or nonexistent, so that I would have to do payment-processing/(update-)deployment/hosting myself (I gladly give Apple 30% just so I don’t have to worry about all that), the prospects of doing a Windows version are not too bright… it just seems the ROI would not be worth the hassle at all.

tldr: Not worth it, sorry… maybe a Windows dev wants to do something similar - I won’t sue if you blatantly copy the UI :wink:


I’d suspect that the majority is using Windows (although the market share of OS X among musicians is probably higher than usual).

but yeah, there really is no point in developing an app for an OS that you’re not using yourself.

Since this is an app for a “boutique” hardware synth (how many units are there? 8000?), I agree that there’s no real financial incentive for doing such a port, either.

To anyone having trouble with C6 (batch uploads!) on Windows: You can use my “ar uploader” (can also create sample chains),
see forum thread here AR Uploader for Windows - Sample Chains and Batch Uploads (a gui version is in development and will hopefully be released soon-ish)

I have no plans for adding a “drop to pad” feature, though (although I think it’s nice, it’s just something that I don’t really need for my own workflow).

Regarding USB-MIDI issues on Windows: Yep, Microsoft’s generic USB MIDI driver is broken and the root cause for the C6 issues (as far as I have investigated).
There is a workaround for that, though, so I still think that Elektron should implement that (I told them how).

The driver still has another bug that causes sysex heavy applications to crash randomly so the best course of action is to use the Korg USB MIDI driver instead.
That’s something Elektron cannot officially endorse (for obvious reasons). If you want to try it anyway, here’s how:

Long story short: maybe someone else will “clone” this app for Windows :wink:


while in no way scientific, as a reference here’s the poll thread:

even if we assume that Mac users were more eager to participate (for some reason - tbh why would they), I don’t think that the bias would be so strong that it’s completely off the rails.

Those USB-MIDI bugs seem crazy - you know if these also happen if Elektron’s OB drivers are used?


These polls should be taken with a big grain of salt. Most AR users do not even participate in this forum. Only a percentage of those who do have participated in that poll.

The overall market share of Mac OS X is ~5%, the market share of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 is ~90%.

Even if there’s an unusually large number of musicians on OS X, maybe two or three times larger than average, that’s still quite a niche.

Even if 50% of all ppl use Windows and the other 50% use Mac OS, only a certain percentage of all ppl will use a third party software app (some did not even use Elektron’s C6 from what I read in other threads).

Let's say 20% of the users are not satisfied with C6 and are looking for 3rd party tools.

Let's also assume that 8000 ARs have been sold so far.

Potential customers on Windows (or Mac): 8000 * 0.5 * 0.2 = 800.

If 50% buy a copy of an app, that's just ~400 copies.

At 10 bucks per copy, that's 4000 (euros). 

30% of that goes to whatever app store you use.

That leaves you with 2800 euros.

Minus 19% taxes = 2268 euros.

That equals ~30 hours of work (in other IT projects). These 30 hours include the actual software development, documentation, testing, and all future support efforts. Yay.

Ergo: Nobody would develop software like this if (s)he was "just in it for the money".

Regarding the USB-MIDI bugs: No idea about the OB driver. I have never used Overbridge, it’s not available for Reason, plus I have the AR connected via a multi i/o interface, patchbay, and sometimes routed through some outboard effects. Therefore I have no need for Overbridge.

I know it works with the Korg driver so I’m good with that.