SDS Drop for Mac - Better Sample Upload


This seems like a really good app. But are there any plans to allow this to work with the Rytm in overbridge mode? I am able to transfer files using C6 whilst overbridge is running. However I didn’t realise this wasn’t possible in SDS Drop until I purchased it as there is no mention of it in the app store description.


Loving the app, feels as intuitive as dragging a sound into my DAW but with the power of the plocks and analogue circuitry. thanks for making my workflow simpler.


I can finally upload bulk samples to my AR. I’m very happy with this.

One question I have, is there any way you could build in the memory status of the AR, so you could see how much memory is left? That would be really awesome


@dpgood: thanks :slight_smile:

@jo_deman: that would be very cool, but there is no way to do this I think. Neither the 64MB project RAM usage nor the available +drive space is readable…

@karkwai: interesting! Are you sure that this is possible? I’m wary of installing Overbridge as long as it’s causing hard system crashes… So I don’t have the OB drivers. (and currently running an AR OS which isn’t supported by OB.)
On my machine, if Overbridge is enabled, I cannot use the AR as MIDI device.


It says right in the middle of the description: “Note: To use the app, disable Overbridge mode on your Analog Rytm. (Global > System > USB-Config)”


It says right in the middle of the description: “Note: To use the app, disable Overbridge mode on your Analog Rytm. (Global > System > USB-Config)”

Hmmm. I don’t know if I am seeing things or maybe I didn’t expand the top description!


I don’t know if it’s a feature of 1.10 beta, but C6 definitely works for sending samples while Rytm is in overbridge mode and no problems with the overbridge vst running at same time. I used the midi monitor app and see that sysex is being sent to it and the sample does arrive on the Rytm.
The Rytm still functions as a midi device in the daw, haven’t tried using the physical midi ports.
Is it possible to do a test build that allows SDS to send in overbridge mode.


planning to upgradre to el capitan,is SDS working fine with it?


^ yep, runs on El Cap no problem. :slight_smile:

@karkwai check PM!


Void, thanks for acting on this - if it’s possible to make SDSDrop compliant with OB mode, it’d be just perfect. Fingers crossed


will submit have submitted 1.0.5 today which actually is, thanks to karkwai for helping with testing. :slight_smile:


Oh. My. God.


keep in mind that it probably won’t be any faster than before, it should work the same, just no need for disabling OB mode.

you’ll also be able to click on the pads to trigger the current AR sounds with MIDI notes.

should be roughly 3 days before it’s out…


unlike Overbridge… eeaaayyyoooooooooo
(i’ll see myself out)


It seems this little app will force me to update from 10.8.5. So jealous on you guys that have it working already :joy:

C6 is simply killing the creativity.


Excellent! This was my only criticism (albeit a small one) of the app.

Thanks void! Adios C6!


If there was an audio editor built in, that would be so sick. Anyone know of a good audio editor to quickly slice and export samples, preferably on the free or cheap side (Mac).? Ableton is quite slow for audio editing and it’s my only daw at the moment.


audacity should do it


yep, also looking for a simple editor which lets you drag&drop a selected region of sound.
there is Snapper which does this:
it works well, but it feels kind of buggy, was actually non-trivial to install on El Capitan…

this one looks good:
edit: but doesn’t seem that great either… fairly basic, does not support dragging of regions to other apps.

Audacity works well and I’m using it, but the UI is not great (also does not support dragging of regions)

more edit: not sure if making an editor would be worth it though, for now I probably will not - currently working on Strom… :slight_smile:


AudioFinder’s audio editor can place makers then export those slices.

Audiofile Engineering’s LoopEditor also has slice detection and export via slices. (although it doesn’t always find the exact resolution I want). With both apps I usually always end up slicing by hand.

Both of these have working demos so you can try em out.