Screen upgrade?


No, it was from eBay. I’ll see if I can find my order and check the model numbers.


Dear, your A4 is beautiful ! What are those knobs you putted on ?
Are they taller than the older one ?


Thanks, I agree the knobs are pretty sharp.

I put them on the same time I replaced my pots as they were getting loose and sketchy.

I’ll look back and see where I got them from, been awhile since I did it.

Same height, super easy mod; pull off old pop on new.


I have ordered the black screen in my link above. It will match my Octa MkII


How much is difficult to desolder the old one and solder the new one? Have pics of the process? thank you!


I tried screen replacement…
Unless you have really GOOD soldering gear and skills…DO NOT ATTEMPT.

send it in to elektron to do or pay someone to do it.
Its double thru hole and very tight.

I MURDERED my MD trying. I mean it was a fucking mess. So sad. But as i have said, elektron helped me save my MD. Thank you elektron!


So what is the part number (link?) ?


Hi sorry for delay, super busy these days. I couldn’t find any part numbers in my email history, and eBay link is now dead.

Next time I open her up, I’ll have a look. By then will be too late for you i imagine. Apologies again! And I might not be able to see the PN anyways.

Worth doing though, makes the A4 way more usable IMHO.


That screen on Reverb link you posted looks correct. Looks very similar to mine, if not better.


It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, I have years of soldering and desodering experience. Used to be my job… if you haven’t soldered before I wouldn’t attempt it.

No pics, super low on time when I did it.

To change the pots you basically have to cut them out, pull the pins still soldered in the vias then suck out the solder with either wick or the big blue vacuum sucker pump, if you’ve soldered before you will know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, turn back now :slight_smile:

Basically the same process for the display; snip all the leads pull out the left over pins soldered in the PCB, heat up either side as you rock out the display from the large support vias. And suck out the solder. Once you have it out and holes clean you are on easy street.

Cleaning is a pain as I am a fan of resin flux, but I’ve got my tricks for that part.

Good luck if you attempt it and feel free to ask me questions if you start, I’ll try and be a bit more Johnny on the spot.


I wish I could do it…my screen is starting to fade.


Thanks for trying to be helpful but unfortunately there is still no answer to the question.
I seriously doubt you will desolder the screen to read the PN as this is the only way to do so.
Anyway the search still goes on.


Which part number are you looking for? The original screen or the white-on-black replacement?


Here’s what the back of my replacement screen looks like, haven’t yet tried to install.


Ideally both. Thanks for posting the picture. This gives some reference. Do you know by any chance if this is 3v or 5v display?

Edit: I am guessing it is 5v.

Where did you buy it btw?


I bought it from a seller on Reverb who sells replacement screens for a handful of different synths, based out of the UK. When I build up the courage to do the swap I can take a picture of the original screen as well.