Screen upgrade?


No, it was from eBay. I’ll see if I can find my order and check the model numbers.


Dear, your A4 is beautiful ! What are those knobs you putted on ?
Are they taller than the older one ?


Thanks, I agree the knobs are pretty sharp.

I put them on the same time I replaced my pots as they were getting loose and sketchy.

I’ll look back and see where I got them from, been awhile since I did it.

Same height, super easy mod; pull off old pop on new.


I have ordered the black screen in my link above. It will match my Octa MkII


How much is difficult to desolder the old one and solder the new one? Have pics of the process? thank you!


I tried screen replacement…
Unless you have really GOOD soldering gear and skills…DO NOT ATTEMPT.

send it in to elektron to do or pay someone to do it.
Its double thru hole and very tight.

I MURDERED my MD trying. I mean it was a fucking mess. So sad. But as i have said, elektron helped me save my MD. Thank you elektron!


So what is the part number (link?) ?