Sample digging


Couldn’t find a thread for it so I thought I’d make one. Let’s talk sample digging. What are you sampling, tapes, vinyl, websites? What do you look for when you’re digging? (dont say samples)

Here’s a decent one if anyone’s not seen it
Click a decade and a country, get a random song from there and then


I sample my synths :slight_smile:


I’ve had a lot of fun taking tiny snippets of 80s pop songs and melting them with the OT… often beyond recognition. I played an entire live set this way a few months ago, mangling Kate Bush, INXS, Dire Straits, etc into sparse minimal tech and footwork.


At the moment I sample the theatre practice tapes (cassette) from my wife’s drama classes. They date from the mid 90s. Sexy stuff.

Got big loves for the cassettes at the moment, just got a mint 4-track on the way too so will be sampling what I record onto that too.

I am just dipping my toes into the OT universe, I love this thing so much already … and I know nothing.


Any bargain bin LPs at charity stores, I usually go for pre mid-80’s. They’re random, cheap and in great shape.

Beyond sampling, that’s also a great way to discover music.




It’s not a rule for me per se, but I don*t sample anything from the interwebs
It feels like work for me, … while other media feel like … fun,a little more off the grid, pickier…

Nope, I don’t have a beard nor a collage of tattoos :smile:


Download the app. Output to sampler and prepare for jaw drops. They have sub stations like jazz, Groove, electro, and classical. I listen to FIP all day at work and I put in work in the studio at night.


I’m always in those bargain bins, all sorts of unusual stuff. I’ve get strange vocal samples from those old story book records. I find usually there’s cool stuff on records with surreal album covers but that might just be a bit more of a superstition than a fact

@TroySD I’ve got a whole shoebox of old cassettes but no player, one day I’ll get round to sorting one. As far as the internet I avoid YouTube generally but I use vinyl rip blogs a lot. It’s good for on the go using the iPad. also it saves having a million single use records. I only really use YouTube sometimes for old cartoon/TV samples. Another thing with vinyl blogs is that you can also find stuff that didn’t end up in your area. Probably not gonna find much obscure French jazz in the middle of England. You’re right that it is a bit more work. Mostly cause of the iPads file management, Ive found a good workflow for it now though


Yes I totally agree @jb
If I would really want something that is out there, of course I will do so.

I found those cassettes together with the walkman in a box while moving, can*t say no to such a gift from the past… :diddly:

I work slow and not very organized either, also have a family and a lot of work . But I want to enjoy my processes, so I do the things I like doing only, if it is not fun anymore for me I better do something else for a while.


Blogs are a great resource for samples.
I spent the winter going through 5000+ records.

I use resonic player to scan through the track quickly plus it allows you to cut the file from the original location there and then so you can build up a pile of favourites without losing your flow.
PC only at the moment.


I started out using the Octatrack as a live audio looper for viola and guitar, and working with samples recorded into the RAM buffer using the Flex machines.

I’ve forayed a bit outside the live looper paradigm by sampling a hungry cat, fountains, etc to goof off

I do plan to sample my Pocket Operators and Fantasy Mansion - probably work with them in the OT.


Speech samples: interviews on Resident Adviser podcasts, science tv shows on the i-player - using soundflower to re-route stuff into Logic - eq and cut there before loading into Analog Rytm (Mk 1).
I also have some sound effects vinyls from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and some weird incidental music LP’s which I’m going to start exploring…
edited due to cr#p typing


My first album i ever bought in 1976.


That’s one of them!!


You’re speaking my language.

Fieldrecordings from all over the globe


I get samples at Whole Foods.


Solid Steel and Gilles Peterson podcasts. There’s a lifetime of listening in these alone.


Google Ai infinite drummer.