Sample digging


I’m terribly bad at this.

I should start off by reusing all the old bits n bobs I’ve been making, recycling the old rejects more…

#22 into DT.


Yeah I’ve been doing a bit of this. It’s fun! I might even start breaking old unfinished loops into stems and mangling them.


I’ve thought for ages that someone with the right programming skills could make serious money off this concept. The whole thing is open source, I tried following the steps and doing all the stuff to make my own map of drum samples but I couldn’t get it working. If someone could make a standalone program or VST that scans a folder, makes the fingerprints and arrange the map then so many people would pay good money for it, it seems like the only logical way to organise thousands of samples


Yeh, I have a bunch of stufff from my ”elektroakustik” years (Messing with NI Kontakt orchestral libs and AAS Tassman4) which could find new life as samples for something else. As for loops, hmm, too many of them in the old drawers, would takes ages to flick thru em all :nyan:


Big thanks for that link. Stole a couple of hours with the Octatrack this evening and thought I’d use that link as sample food.

Filled the 8 track recorders with 8 random tracks from 8 countries I picked will nilly. Lots of fun - particularly when clicking through African/Asian countries.

Can see me having fun with this for a long time!

It also led me to a guy called Dizzy K Falola and this song in particular which I have listend to about a dozen times since discovering it:


I hate the fact that they don’t let you download a list of sounds at a time argh!


Glad you found it useful! It’s a great site. One minute you’re listening to obscure Russian polka, the next youre listening to rare grooves. It’s like sampling with a time machine. I like the old Japanese stuff.


Tapes, cuz tapes are really in right now. Blank tapes (hiss), amplified through rackmount effects. To mimic wind in the trees and old Mobb Deep tracks. Also, sounds from my CD collection, one-shots, mostly. But CDs are out of fashion, so I don’t talk about that.


FOX News
Radios Stations that only have static
TV stations that only have static
CB radio

Conversations that people don’t know Im recording at:

Social Security Office
Public transit

Also, tapes. Not because they’re “in”, but because I have an HC-TT


Head to the Vintage Obscura subreddit:


I was thinking about this when reading a post asking about inspiration and sample sources - feel free to merge if appropriate. Some years ago there was a kind of ITunes for african music…I believe it was called mbira. It was great as I remember it - historical backgrounds on artists, song previews and you could buy full albums. Doesnt seem to exist anymore - anybody remember it?


No but bump, sounds promising.


Something to do with this?


No, I found that too and dont think so - the site im talking about included music from all over Africa and not specified to music featuring the mbira…hmmm i will look tho…


I was just going to post “reddit”

Everyday there’s something weird popping up for me. I have more samples than I’ll ever be able to use and still collecting. Not sure why. Digital hoarding is real.


I have gone the full gambit. I’ve always enjoyed the traditional record sampling route, but sample packs have always felt like cheating to me (even though it’s of course the preferred route if you want to sell your stuff), plus I hate having a billion kick drums or whatever to scroll through. It feels like work and it mostly just takes up space since I never end up using even a fraction of the material.

Recently though, I’ve been really inspired by this Mario C Redbull lecture (long but HIGHLY recommended, even just for the history). What I want to do is sort of what he did with the Beastie Boy albums after Paul’s Boutique (particularly Check Your Head), meaning sampling myself playing instruments and build sound collages out of that.

The thing that always annoys me about sampling albums is that when you play your track for someone that doesn’t know about this kind of music production, they always ask which part of it you made? I figure if ALL of it is me, I can take more pride in that. Plus, with this method I’ll become a better musician and learn loads about music and recording (and own all the rights). Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now.


internet tutorials or product demonstrations from the 1990’s


Commercial Method:

Open’s Method:


The Retro Encabulator - for use in unilateral phase detractors …

to achieve ultimate hilarity would need to be presented along with the video.

in fact could even stop the performance and just play this for two minutes then back to regular song performances …