RYMT MK2 Super Slow Sample Browsing

Why is this happening guys? Its so frustrating scrolling thru the samples on my RYTM Mk2. This wasnt an issue when i first got it a few months ago but now browsing thru samples is really slow. The whole machine gets slow when browsing thru samples…even just start and stop. It kinda stalls for a few seconds.

Edit: i have noticed now that if you leave RYTM idle in the sample browser for a minute or so, sample browsing becomes smooth again. Could it be that RYTM needs time to read all the samples in the folder?


Just got mine, same here. Comparing with MK1 is day and night. Maybe an OS upgrade?

i have latest upgrade but problem still persists. If you notice well after leaving the unit for a minute or less, browsing samples becomes smooth. Thats why i mentioned that it could be that RYTM is reading samples folder.

I’m having this same issue as well. I try to scroll through, but it lags too much! and space isn’t even 25%full…

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Had this happen to me as well after loading in a few hundred new samples through elektron transfer. A reboot seems to have made it nice and zippy again. Perhaps the Rytm reads sample locations on boot up?

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did anyone resolve this issue? My Mk2 takes forever to browse and loading a small sample like a hi-hat takes 30 seconds of a frozen “loading” screen. It’s making this almost useless.

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It’s a known issue. They haven’t given an eta on the fix yet but have been shown it.


The fix for me was removing all samples other than the presets using the transfer app and right clicking any folders or samples and selecting delete. Then I went in to system menu and Format +drive and selected both Projects+Sounds and Samples and formatted the drive. Then I rebooted using the Power on + FUNC button and selecting option 3 Factory Reset.
Now it searches and loads samples fast like before. I’m wondering if a few samples may be corrupt in our folders that is causing the RYTM OS to keep trying to load and stalling the processor.

update… only an hour after having the machine on, its back. The RYTM is basically at its factory state and still navigating the pre installed samples is so painfully slow that I dont even want to use the RYTM any more.

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What? I´m reading through the forum right now because I wanted to buy a MK2 and now I´m reading about the Freezes and the Browsing Slowdown. And this Discussion here began over half a year ago and there is still no fix?

No freeze or slowdown here. Unfortunately some have these problems but others work 100%. Don’t be afraid to buy, if you get a faulty one send it back and get refund.

Seems like an indexing error. Like it keeps trying to queue up every file in a directory. I noticed it only when the sequencer was playing. Also if you go into the sample manager and just load up all the slots I wasn’t getting the slowdown it was only when browsing in from a machines sample layer that it was happening.

Regardless I traded someone for a UW so can’t test anymore. Rytm does have some amazing sounds and a way better sequencer than the MD but there’s just something about this old box that I love.

Can you can call something just a few years in age ‘old’.

The MD engine is 18 years old dude. :joy:
That’s practically vintage. The uw engine is still from 2005 so still pretty old.

I opened a ticket. After much testing here, it seems to be when the RYTM MKii is in OB mode (under USB Config) and when the USB cable is plugged in. It also effects all functions on the RYTM long stalls on button presses and freezing. I;ve sent in videos and loads of info to support, so hopefully we will get a proper fix for this soon. The RYTM works fine in USB-MIDI mode though.


I had similar issues. They were not connected to OB-mode but happened all in USB-MIDI mode.

Support told me, it might be a filesystem error laso, but fomatting etc. did not really help 100%

In my case the device procued other strange glithces, so to me the solution was to swap it.