Roland trademark 808 and 303


boutiques are very meh. If they are going to give us their old synths but digital with small knobs and only 4 voices (had the JU-06 but 4 voices is not nearly the same) then they should price them accordingly. Behringer is giving us those synths we wanted, analog, proper form factor and cheaper than the boutiques.


Well in my case the boutiques suit me better, 4 voices is fine for the polys as I most only use 3 note chords on analog polys anyway.

I don’t think even Behringer would be able to make a analog poly cheaper than the boutiques.


The ghost of Roland past.


Maybe you would have thought longer about selling the originals if you’d not been able to fund a ton of other gear by selling them tho? Like would you have lost your 808 for £230? That’s what used behringer 808s will go for… makes the whole calculation of ‘shall I keep this or get rid?’ very different compared to the temptation of used prices you’d get for the originals…


watch yer back behringer hahahaha


So why cant Behringers be allowed if it maybe suits other people better?


I just dont get these guys who wave the Roland flag as if Roland has cared about what users really want…
At least for the past 15-20 years now… These are the same people that will be buying Behringer clones in secret…


The exciting thing is that Behringer are already mix and matching…osc from one synth, filter from another… amalgamating old ideas…which is basically what 90% of companies do in any case…After they’ve covered whatever bases uli had in mind and got up to date with digital (sequencing etc) they’re gonna have a pretty unparalleled arsenal of ingredients to experiment with for throwing in to various different soups… coupe of years time I think it’ll be pretty hard for anyone to say that they aren’t doing anything ‘new’ with this stuff… but only time will tell.


Yup…Haven’t checked but it feels like the sp404 gets less exciting and more expensive with every iteration.


Anyone see the reddit thread on this? The mod for that sub had a melt down apparently.

Just gossiping really.


They can as far as I’m concerned, as I’ve said before I don’t have any problem with them personally as I’m not the Roland corp, I just find them a bit boring and dislike Behringer as a company.

I sold most of my classic gear before the prices went nuts, since I’m pretty old I remember buying this stuff for less than even Behringer prices, like my first 303 cost me £45, my first SH-101 was £60 etc, I sold them within a year or so for not much more. I bought others later and paid a few hundred, then in the late 90’s the prices went kind of ridiculous (at the time) now they are just insane. I honestly would not pay more than £500 for a mint SH-101 or about £1000 for a mint 808 and that is only because of their legacy and my nostalgia for them.

One thing about the Behringer clones (despite my dislike of their practices) that is good is that everyone who wants them can buy them now, but I think they will get bored pretty quick, especially the 808 and 909 clones.


No flag waving here? No illusions that any company “care” about what I want.


Do tell!


Not sure why they’d get bored any quicker with the behringer than with the boutiques or 808 samples or software 808s? Is the behringer missing midi cc/sequencer functionality that the boutiques have? Genuine question :slight_smile:

I’ve never been huge on the 808 sound personally but people seem to dig it pretty hard? If people love that sound I’m not sure why they’d get bored of it any quicker than any other ‘basic functionality but distinct character’ type box? A moog mother 32 for example? Some boxes don’t do much but if it’s exactly what you’re after then it’s probaby worth a few hundred quid?


A boutique 808 will probably get boring almost as quick TBH, but it is way smaller, has some more sound options (comp, gain, tune) has full cc control.
A boutique 101 has a lot of improvements over the original including sound, full cc control, improved but same mode sequencer, memories, poly and chord modes, and no useless keyboard which takes up a lot of space.

But like I said I’m glad that people that have been yearning for them can have them, whether it is Roland boutique, Behringer or other clones, I just think that like any other gear people will bore of them and that they aren’t the “magic bullet” that some people seem to have been hanging all their hopes on the “we wanted these for years” brigade.


Haha well apparently the mod over there has a bit of an issue with Beringher. As you know, lots of people are fans of Beringher now because of the cheap clones.
Anyway this story was posted and there were some comments made in favour of Beringher and the mod started to throw his toys out the pram, banning people and locking the thread.
Then there was another thread criticising the mod, who then got upset for getting called out.
Then he starts calling people out for saying horrible things, at the same time as saying those things to others.

Anyway the whole thing was very silly and childish and he should’ve just kept quiet, but as he retaliated he ended up looking a bit daft

There’s probably details I’ve left out, but I couldn’t be arsed with reading it all, and I think that’s the point–casual observers will just see the angry mod and be turned off by the sub.


Ha, kind of funny.


Why not share a link to the thread?


The mod locked it down and I can’t be arsed with scrolling through pages upon pages of people’s pictures of their volcas to find it! :grin:


…browser history