Roland trademark 808 and 303



Behringer RD808

It’ll be interesting to see whether they do anything with it now that there’s a bazillion clones in all sizes, price ranges, forms, shapes and colors. I mean, all they had to do a few years ago was to build accurate analog replicas of the original designs. R & D cost would have been negligible and they could have charged an arm and a leg. Now, probably not so much.


I think it’s pretty clear they only care about one clone in particular.


It could well be that Roland are trolling Behringer, waiting until the point of no return in the production stage before hitting them with a trade dress lawsuit.

IMHO it was pretty stupid of Behringer to be not content with just cloning the electronics but cloning the look as well, it isn’t like the look has anything to do with the sound, so in a court it could work against Behringer quite badly.


Behringer will bring out their own clone of the paperwork :rofl:


Photocopier and tippex :joy:


Not sure why R&D would be negligible. They’re going to use SMD and currently available parts so they’ll need to design all new circuit boards. Even if intended as a reissue, they’d want to add some modern features and improvements. So basically the same amount of R&D as any new product.


Rebirth got pulled from the App Store after Roland filied a similar thing for the 303/808 a little while back. They do this every so often in order to have the foundation to protect their intellectual property.
Roland has yet to really pursue anyone in recent years over this stuff as far as I recall.




This is not about the circuits (can’t trademark those) this is about specific visual elements.


They also objected to the original TT-303 and asked Cyclone Analogics to stop using the same case design and button layout as the original TB-303.


This is what I don’t understand. My recollection from my Trademark class was that you had to “defend” your trademark. With the number of clones out there that use the 808, etc. trade dress, it seems a bit late for Roland to be objecting to its use by others now.


Which ones?


I believe the release of the boutiques and the vsts in the Roland cloud count toward protecting and utilizing their intellectual property. Sometimes a bigger company like Roland just filing the trademarks can get smaller guys to stop what they are doing and the expensive legal process of suing another company doesn’t necessarily happen.
On the other hand it’s kinda being hinted at that this has to do with Behringer. Which may be the case as Roland/boss has clashed with Behringer legally a number of times.


as far as I know, the only 808 clone that’s actually sold complete (i.e. not a kit, like the Yocto) is the Miami.


Somehow I pictured the Miami to have a bit more… orange. But I can also see how Dark mode has its appeal.


I think it should have been cyan and magenta, and been called “Deco”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I quite like cyclones new look TT.
Beringher copying the 808 is one thing but copying the look as well? Have they no shame? :wink:


If it’s related to the Berhinger thing, wouldn’t they have done the same for the 101 ?


you clearly are not familiar with Behringer.