Roland trademark 808 and 303


The thing with trademarks is that you have to constantly protect them. So if Roland has sat on their hands the past decades not going after any other clone then they might have a problem making a case against B on the 808. If that is their plan anyways.


Roland has gone after other clones though. even software ones.

their problem now is they have products out which cost almost the same, but will be ignored in favor of the true analog ones from Behringer. so they have to at least try to fight it. and maybe they have a better argument now than they did five years ago, given that a BD808 could create “product confusion” against a TR-08.


It’s kind of late. They knew this was in there makes, they should’ve filed for an injunction or a production stop or even a sales stop. They’re royally late and courts look at that. But for all we know Rolands lawyers did sent B letters and asked them to not sell these. We will find out if this goes to court. Will be interesting to watch unfold if it gets to that point.


The TR-8 is a joke… Roland has been exposed for what they truly are… Behringers plan is simply better than anything they have…


Yeah i agree, Roland are originators Behringher is master chinese copybrand that is depended on others innovation.


Still you have to hand it to Behringer - they copied the styling of the original TR-808 and managed to make it look less classy than a TR-8, quite an achievement :joy:


Nothing wrong with that, its the reason we have better technology which is more accessible to the masses.


Roland were dumb enough not to listen to people screaming for a product for years. Or to invest in new manufacturing that would be able to slash their prices. Kudos…


Roland took the Studio Electronic Boomstar and made something aweful with it. I just hope they focus making accordeon. The Vsynth is IMO the last thing interesting Roland made.
So … let theme keep the 808 - tb303 so they can continue to make cheesy EDM ugly synth.

I would like Behringer to make something unique however.


Behringer Neutron, Crave, Deepmind’s


You are right :slight_smile:


No attempts at a clone change the fact that there is no TR-808 but the actual TR-808.


I wonder if the RD has the same unique sound/characteristics per device as the TR does.


Apparently (I have not looked into it too deeply though) the Crave is a “tribute” to the Moog M32 :roll_eyes:

To be fair to Roland it doesn’t matter that they did not re-release the TR-808 etc. all that matters is that it is their IP, if Behringer had been smart about it and not been so blatant then they would not have any grounds for legal action (if that is indeed the plan)


Easy fixed tho right? If it’s just the aesthetic that’s legally questionable. Minor facelift and job done? (I think behringer should go that route in any case with the clones…). Whereas for Roland to start manufacturing new 808s at the same price… probably less straight forward. Can’t really see Roland coming out on top here…worst case for behringer will be probably like, ‘yeah we beat you in court, so you just tweaked the design and outsold us with the product anyways, because we forgot to actually make it’.


V-Synth XT was the high tide for Roland.


And then…nothing :confused: Roland are fools. They already did most of the initial r&d for so much insane new gear, just need to glue it all together… such a massively conflicted company. Progress vs calculated circles… they could have destroyed this behringer by now. Original 808 + sp404 type fx and resampling + a trimmed down plugout 101 and decent sequencer in one box…They should have been able to make something like that for under a grand by now if they listened to what people want and had enough business savvy to figure out how to make stuff more affordable…


I’d buy that. Probably two.


Agreed, I care about Roland about as much as they care about me…


I think Roland did have a period of time where they went from great to meh, but they have done some great stuff in recent years, the aira fx, the boutiques, modular, TR-8s, etc.

But it is all subjective I guess, personally re-issues don’t excite me much unless they bring some modern functionality, like cc control, and other improvements.

I own or have owned most of the originals, those that I no longer own didn’t obviously have enough appeal for me to keep them, or I would have, so for me clones largely need to bring something new to the table even if they are cheap.